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The next time you find yourself standing there, gazing
in awe, at the monstrous equipment that   bring to you the finest unerring details of
the affairs occurring, even at cellular levels, inside you, or crazy mind
controlled prosthetic limbs   that seem
to have come straight out of a sci-fi film, remind yourself to thank a special
family of brainy professionals, known as biomedical engineers.

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From manufacture and design of medical equipment, to design
and implementation of prostheses, orthoses, and implants, not to forget
research on pharmaceutical drugs, etc., biomedical engineers do it all,
essentially, bridging the gap between medical sciences and engineering
concepts, delivering the finest possible technology for application in the
medical field



MEDICAL ELECTRONICS, or medical technology, is said to
cover devices that are used in the medical field for diagnosis, treatment,
monitoring of patients, or providing life support. CT, X-ray, MRI, ECG, fluoroscopes,
patient monitoring systems (diagnosis and monitoring), Defibrillators, pace
makers, ventilators (treatment and life support), all are medical electronic
devices. Research and development, testing, installation, quality control,
servicing, application, are few fields where biomedical engineers are employed.

Like any other industry, biomedical engineers, design
advanced equipment, and software,  countering problems faced in a clinical
environment, clearer imaging modalities, and easy to use , state of the
art  diagnostic equipment.  Clinical engineers deal with medical devices
in hospitals and clinics, where they supervise the procurement of devices,
evaluate, maintain, use, calibrate, and ensure safety of these devices.

Installation of devices, followed by adjustment, is
done by biomedical engineers, for which, clinicians are trained, by application
specialists, and maintenance and repair is handled by service engineers.

Rehabilitation engineers deal with methods and devices
that ensure self-determination for people with disabilities (PWDs) and older
adults. Assistive and corrective devices, both, are designed, by rehabilitation
engineers. These, are also then used by PWDs and older adults, under guidance
and supervision of assistive technology practitioners and rehabilitation
engineering technologists.

All these put together, biomedical engineers work in
different settings , like research institutions, hospitals , industries,
manufacturing units, etc.,  under sales
and marketing domain, application, installation and servicing, technical
advisers, quality control, etc.





Mostly working as Manufacturing Engineers,
biomedical engineers, in industries are involved in designing and manufacturing
medical equipment and products, including medical imaging systems, prostheses
and the like. Stationed in industries, and factories, they directly affect the revenue
of companies they work in.

The products then are tested, by biomedical engineers- quality engineers.
Working is checked, modifications are suggested.



Having knowledge of the current technology, and being familiar with the
requirements of the medical institution they lay out certain specifications and
standards which the new equipment or machinery need to meet to be an
appropriate buy. Following this, they also produce and estimate of operating,
and maintenance cost of the buy, to ensure the best buy.

These are also stationed in hospitals etc. to check working of new
equipment, carrying out pre-acceptance checks, avoiding financial loss caused
by purchasing faulty equipment, or machinery that doesn’t satiate the
technological needs of the institution.

They also maintain records for equipment history, servicing, replaced
parts, etc. for easy maintenance, thus cutting costs of unnecessary repair or part

Service engineers working with companies, or in
hospitals are always present inside, or nearby the hospital to assist in case
of emergency breakdown of equipment.

Also, training programs and demos are conducted by
engineers (application specialists) to ensure that the doctors, technicians etc.
make proper use of all the features of the equipment, without causing any
hardware or software damage, all along acquiring near perfect readings, data,
images and so.

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