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we have prepared every document for our important meeting, but we still ruined
it. Maybe we have tried our best to pass the interview to get the scholarship,
but we could not get the scholarship. Maybe, we have studied hard, but we did
not get the good score. When our plans and efforts do not run into what we
expect for, we fell terribly disappointed, despondent, and miserable. We lament
everything which we have done and begin to impugn them. We cannot accept the
reality and the effect of what we have done. This kind of feeling will shackle
us and make us cannot keep looking forward. It makes us daydream the result if
we can do it perfectly. The daydream makes us become worst and do not want to
do anything. When we have this kind of problems we should take a break after we
get the discrepant results, give ourselves permission to accept feeling and the
reality, observe our problems and find the solution, and prepare ourselves to
take the seconds chance.

first deed that we should do is taking a break. We have spent our attention,
time, and energy to our plans which not run as like we expect. We forget to
accord ourselves and never give ourselves a reward for what we have done even
it did not run as like we wanted. It makes us become desolate. Taking a break
is very necessary for our mental and physical health. Taking a break means we
stop to think the things that do not run as like we expect and relax. It can
help us to get back our strength and mood. Taking a break will give us a new
perspective and make us feel grateful. We might realize some amazing things
that came in our life that were unexpected too. For example, I had prepared
every material that I would use for the presentation but the presentation did
not run well because there was an error, my laptop could not show the video
that I had prepared. I was despondent. Then after I got home, I took a silent
time to realize what had happened. Maybe, God had a better plan than my plan.

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permission for ourselves to accept the feeling and reality is one of the keys
to managing our sorrow. Usually, we feel guilty, angry, and ashamed because we
get the unexpected result. As a human being, it is normal to feel those
feelings, but never ever allow them to control ourselves. We should remember
that struggles make us stronger. We should think and ask ourselves the reason
why we cannot accept the feeling. This activity will help us to understand our
current mental condition. Then, we can start to look for the solution to deal
with our feeling. From my experience, I feel depressed, angry, and miserable
when I cannot accept the reality. I begin to write what I feel and the reason
why it can happen. It helps me to reflect and manage my feeling. Accepting the
feeling can help us to confront the reality. We should remember that life is
never flat so our life must go on.

third activity that we could do is observing. When we are disappointed because
we cannot run our plans perfectly, we will begin to be lazy and spend our time
to do unnecessary things like spending our time on the bed, lying on the sofa
and watch television or making status in Facebook. We should start to ask
questions to ourselves. What am I doing? Is it necessary if I do this? Does it
help me? Those are several questions that can help us to realize and motivate
us. If we begin to realize, we should change our questions. What should I do
for my next activity? What will I get if I start to do this? What should I do
to avoid the unexpected result? We should think the activities that can help us
to create healthier and meaningful habits. In my life, those activities help me
to get motivated because when I get upset I will do nothing. I started to think
my mother and what she had done for me. It made me sad and I began to start
another task again.

last thing that we should do is preparing ourselves to take the second chance.
I do believe the second chance. Everyone deserves the second chance. We have an
experience of the unexpected result. It can help us to manage everything
perfectly. We can avoid the thing that can destroy our plans. To prepare the
second chance we should be accountable. Being accountable will help us to be able
to decide the possibility. We can control the situation and we will get the
best result. My story will be the example. I had a Teologi Moral presentation
that did not run as like I expected. The short movie could not be shown. I did
not expect that this kind of situation. I had to borrow my friend’s personal
computer (laptop). My experience teaches me that I have to try the projector
before I begin the presentation. It makes me have a new habit. I always try the
projector. I help me to avoid the problem before I begin to present my

we feel terribly disappointed, despondent, and miserable because our plans do
not run as like we expected, it will destroy ourselves. We will begin to do
nothing and lament everything. To motivate and create a meaningful life, we
should take a break after we get the discrepant results, give ourselves
permission to accept feeling and the reality, observe our problems and find the
solution, and prepare ourselves to take the seconds chance. To have an unexpected
result is the opportunity because we can learn from the mistake. It can help us
to change our lives become meaningful. Therefore, we should not be upset. It is
normal to have an unexpected result.

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