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May it please the court..Good evening to the jury my name is Keyonna Henderson I am one of the prosecuting attorneys. Thank you for your time and attention throughout this case.   Ladies and gentleman, on January 28, 2017, a crime of ghastly proportions was committed. On that day, Mr. Al dore was thrown off a building to his death. Just before being pushed, Al was shot with his own gun. The gun was then tossed over the edge with Al. The entire town of Fondren stood in shock. Who could do such a thing? Who would do something  this atrocious. It’s a question that began to ripple all across Fondren. Based on the evidence, based on what you’ve heard, the answer is clear. Sam/ Samantha Snape did it. Snape, with malicious intent, pushed Al off a 9-story parking garage to his death , a desperate act by a desperate person. When you retire to the jury room, evaluate what promises were made against the evidence and see if we haven’t kept our word. We promised and we’ve proven, in more ways than one, a number of important factual proposals.No. 1, Sam/Samantha snape,caught in a major financial bind, deliberately killed Al Dore.No. 2, snape  educated herself on ways to kill  Dore when he didn’t have  bodyguard and friends.Contrast those promises and the evidence that supports them against the defense’s promises to you made in opening. you all know that no defendant need offer any witness, need offer any proof; but when they do, when they make promises and when they present evidence, you are entitled to examine that evidence in the same degree of inquiry that we expect and demand that you examine our proof. “Ms/Mr. _______ stood before you in his/her opening and reminded you of the requirement that we the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sam/Samantha is guilty of murder. He/she asserted that the evidence presented today would be incapable of meeting this standard of guilt. I assert in return that not only has the defense failed to establish a reasonable doubt of Snape’s guilt, but that the evidence we have presented proves, unequivocally, that Snape, with malicious aforethought, attacked Mr. Dore, shot him with his own gun, and threw him off a 9 story parking garage to his death. Those are the facts of this case. These facts have prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that Snape is guilty of the charges brought against her today. Snape had a motive, means and opportunity: 1. Snape had the motive to kill Dore. She owed him money and had no way to pay him back. 2. Snape had the means- her prints were on the gun used to shoot Dire and she was seen at the ledge just before Dore was pushed to his death. 3. Snape had the opportunity- no question she was on the rooftop when this all went down.This is a murder case. And as all murder cases, we must introduce you to the victims, and we did so in this case, through the testimony of a three people who are committed to putting a true criminal behind bars. Who could forget the testimony of Abe/Abigail Dore? Abe Dore has had run ins with the law enforcement  before, but today he came to pursue justice for his brother. His brother  died a senseless  death at the hands of the defendant .Foy a friend of the victim.  He confirmed  he was not on the roof that night and had no reason to want Al dead. Potter a seasoned police investigator averted snape after concluding the evidence which included snape lying about her whereabouts on the night of the murder When Samantha snape murdered Al Dore she did more than simply cause an emotional  wreckage  throughout the town Fondren. What she did was create a new grievance. A new grievance for the his family, friends and loved ones. And for myself and each member of this prosecution team, it has been our pleasure to represent those victims. Samantha  Snape has received her due process, and it is now time to render judgment. And your job as jurors, your privilege, your duty, as well as your job, is to do justice.Thank you.

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