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“Maurice” written in 1913-1914, but published posthumously,it is a homosexual love story, considered controversial, given that Forster’shomosexuality had not been widely acknowledged.

Critics continue to discuss overthe extent to which Forster’s sexuality and his personal activites influencedhis writing, especially in this book.                                                      “A passage to India” (1924), his last and most controversial novel,brought the greatest success to his life.It is the last completed novel that hepublished during his lifetime.Acclaimed as his masterpiece, the novel is subtleand rich in symbolism, and works on several levels.

It talks about India (a colonialpossession of Britain at that time) and about the relations between Indian and Britishpeople in this country.A passage to India reveals Forster’s interest in politicsand religion aswell.It was written in 1913 and not published until 1924.It is inspiredmainly from E.M Forster’s own experience as a temporary resident in India and hiscontacts with the Indian people and with the British servants, called Anglo-Indians.                                                                                                     In addition to other essays,novels, and short stories, Forster wrote a biography of his great-aunt, MarianneThornton, published in 1956; Alexandria: A history and a Guide (1922); a documentaryaccount of his Indian experiences, “The Hill of Devi (1953).

Forster did not publishanother novel, spending his last forty-six years of his life writing non-fictionand short stories.                                                                     

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