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Matthew Scott  Take Ruth the Moabite for example. The Levirite Marriage Law required that if a married man died without an heir his wife needed to have a child with next relative in order to carry on his name. So Ruth bore a son to continue the blood line of her husband Mahlon with Boaz. This shows how Ruth does not believe in the resurrection because if she really did then she would not have had a baby with Boaz to continue his name among the Chosen People. Because she did not believe in the resurrection but then had a baby who later on was an ancestor to Jesus.The Prophets Amos, Hosea, Isaiah and Jeremiah predicted both the Exile for Israel’s sins of idolatry and injustice to the poor and their return from Exile once they repented and turned their hearts back to YHWH. This shows how 4 different prophets all predicted the same thing. Which is insane, especially because they never meet each other. The people did not believe in the beginning, but lucky them they have an all forgiving God. They repented and God forgave them. This also shows how God is loyal and faithful to the DT code spoke through Moses before the chosen people entered the Promise Land.The Maccabean revolt archaeological record shows that, after the return from the Exile, the Jewish people never returned to the practice of idolatry again. None of the thousands of Canaanite Fertility Cults idols were found in levels representing the time after the Exile. This shows that the people were faithful to their God because they knew he was all powerful. The Maccabees kicked the Greek out of Jerusalem and that is why the Jews celebrate at Hanukkah. The people are beginning to believe in the resurrection.Then comes the prophet Daniel. In is writing Daniel 7, he was the first person to write about the belief in the resurrection. Doing this he was also calling the Jewish people to resist non-violently against the Greek persecution. YHWH was seen as all-powerful meaning he created the world and everything out of nothing. They say if if he could creat all of that out of nothing. Then there is no doubt that he could raise faithful Jews back from the dead. They also based this off of that YHWH was faithful and brought back the Jewish people from the Exile. If God was faithful and did that, then God would also be faithful to those who were faithful to him. It is like a two way street  and if we are faithful to him and stay in our lane then he will be faithful to the people who are faithful. Then it would be a mutual understanding and he would have o reason not to be faithful and bring us with him to heaven. Jews were willing to die for their faith and it would only be right if YHWH would restore their lives through resurrection.The Jewish peoples development in the belief in the resurrection shows me that the Jews were not always these perfect people that always trusted God. They were people too and had doubts about being resurrected. But, as their religion grew and matured they came to the realization of how possible it actually is. If God could create everything out of nothing then there is no doubt that people who are faithful to him will be resurrected at death. That relates to me in a big way, because I feel like the more I grow and learn the more the idea of God and resurrection becomes more real.

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