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Matson 1Chace MatsonOwensEnglish 1216 January 2018Controversial Essay: Women in CombatWomen have been engaged with our country’s military since the Revolutionary War, serving as medical caretakers and cooks as well as providing water to parched warriors on the combat zone. All through history, men have dependably battled our fights while women remained by, never permitted to confront battle, yet imagine a scenario in which nations with women are battling close by men inside battle zones. Here in the U.S., there is a limitless contradiction about equality in the military. Women should definitely be allowed to serve their country in combat; even though many say they do not reach the same level of physical readiness or efficiency, worldwide equality and physical capabilities are the reasons they are just as equal as men. The first supporting contention is about worldwide fairness. More than twenty nations around the globe as of now enable their women to serve in either battle or fighter pilot positions. While the U.S. military allows a few women into determined battle positions, they can’t serve in frontline battle units, for example, infantry, artillery, and armor positions. They cannot lead troops into the fight at the end of the day. Just to contrast, in 1989 Canada enabled their women to serve in all battle positions and would go ahead to lose their first women in battle to Taliban Matson 2powers in 2006. In 2011, Australia permitted their women in Infantry, Special Forces, and artillery units and even sent them to Afghanistan. As you can see, women in a few nations outside the U.S. have been doing as significantly more than our U.S. military women. Women have gotten themselves involved with battle a few times, some being granted the Purple Heart Medal. I believe it’s time that they are legitimately compensated for their labor. The following justification is about women and the physical abilities in the military. Some may think this is a hopeless disagreement, I, however, trust that women can meet the principles on the off chance that they truly need to. Women clearly can’t put on a similar bulk or weight as a male, however, a woman will do whatever it takes to finish the mission similarly as a male would. They will wholeheartedly train identically as hard and do what is important to guarantee the survival of everyone around them. Women have demonstrated their quality in the military. They aren’t hesitant to get their hands dirty like such a large number of people think. I have no uncertainty women have earned their place in the military. It is just right we enable our women to battle alongside our men as a solitary and productive unit. The more you deny women from battle, the more they will search it out. They are as of now in the presence of it; it is just the same old thing to them. Women may not fill battle positions by the hundreds but through different perspectives women out there have what it takes to be in a war unit. On the off chance that the U.S. permits women to join all combat positions, not only will it motivate different nations to do likewise, however it will doubtlessly be a historic time for women.

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