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Math and science are influential subjects in today’s technology powered world. They open doors to many other new fields of work. Without their contributions we wouldn’t have many of the things we have today.Math and science are everywhere and we use both of them in our everyday lives, whether we like it or not.Even though these careers are very important many women do not work in these fields.  In the world, less than 28.4 % of women are enrolled in scientific research and developmet. In the U.S.,as of 2015, only 24.7% of women work in computer and mathematical occupations and only 11% of working engineers are women. There are even more women who quit engineering or never enter it even though they wish to, over 38% sadly do this. In 2015, it showed that women are a rare in high-tech jobs. This issue has not only been occurring now in the present it has been occurring multiple times throughout history. In the past there was bias towards women having jobs and they were especially biased towards those who had jobs in math or science. During this time many women were minority students who attended secondary schools, but these schools didn’t teach enough science or math for the women who wanted to pursue careers in them, they had been too far behind to learn everything they needed to know. At many stages of their education effects of others who were biased were shown. In the colleges the boys were taught more and were smarter in the subjects. Though some women still pursued their careers but it hadn’t been an easy task. In today’s American culture there are stereotypes. We take mathematicians and scientists for granted. The American culture influences women’s decisions and choices about having careers in these jobs. Sadly many of these stereotypes aren’t encouraging women to learn about these subjects, instead they discourage them. To help more women and girls pursue careers in these subjects we need to be supportive. We need to stop judging people because of the stereotypes in American culture. If we don’t then we are stopping people from pursuing careers in what they love to do.

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