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Master Harold . . . and the Boys Summary    “Master Harold”… and the Boys, written by Athol Fugard, revolves around two black men, Sam and Willie, and a seventeen year old white boy named, Hally. The play is set on a rainy day in St. George’s Tea Room in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In the exposition of the story, two African servants, Sam and Willie, rehearse for an upcoming ballroom competition as they clean the tea room. Willie revealed that his partner, Hilda, has not been showing up to practice and seems to be avoiding him. Sam rebukes by telling Willie that Hilda is avoiding him due to the harsh punishments she receives when she does not know the steps. As they continue cleaning and dancing, Hally arrives home from school and immediately teases Sam and Willie’s dancing. Hally’s mother owns the tea room; therefore, Sam and Willie have been working for her since Hally was a small child. The conversation between the three leaped from Hally’s homework, a deep argument about who was the most important social reformer, to flashbacks from when Hally, Sam, and Willie lived in the boarding house. A memory that Hally clearly remembers was when Sam made him a kite composed of junk. At first, Hally doubted that the weak looking kite would not fly, but it soared, leaving Sam to tie it to a chair for Hally to enjoy. Despite the heartwarming nostalgia, the mood immediately drops when Hally’s mom informs him that his dad wants to return home. Sam and Willie discuss the upcoming ballroom competition, which angers Hally. He thought that ballroom dancing was just another form of entertainment; however, Sam uses his dance moves to interpret ballroom dancing as an art form and helps Hally write his homework. Unfortunately, Hally’s mom calls and darkens Hally’s mood once more. Hally began to treat Sam and Willie as servants rather than long time friends and forced Sam to call him “Master Harold”. Hally then proceeds to say a racist joke and spits on Sam’s face. As Willie held back Sam from fighting Hally, Sam reveals that he created the kite to make Hally forget about the scene his father caused and he couldn’t stay with Hally while flying the kite because the bench was marked as “Whites Only”. The play proceeds to end as Willie consoled Sam and practiced the dance.

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