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Marquis Gilbert12/8/17Multi paragraph twoEnglish                                                                InfluencesUpon My Life Growing up trying to get a sense ofmy identity was like being tied to a chair with punches flying across my face.To find yourself sometimes you have to put yourself in others shoes and becomesomething you may feel uncomfortable with. The transition from a young boy toan adult was took on by the influence of different people’s event which Ihappened to be a part of.

I am influenced by my uncle Stan who influences myvalue on love. Todd Myles, my high school coach gave me the belief of usingtough love as a refuge to my life. Another is my current best friend Andrewpresented me with self determination. These individuals enlightened me withvalues that gives me the courage to say that someone is proud of me and I didsomething with myself. Each individual has different characteristics about themthat gave me the identity of who I am today.My best friend Andrew influenced myidentity with the motivation to never give up and to humble myself.

I once hada non-chalet attitude that showed as if I did not care. I was a quitter and anychallenge that came my way, I vanished and tried to go around it. Andrew playedhigh school basketball, and never got any playing time in the games.

It wasabout to be his senior season and he had no active memory of being in the game.He was about 5’3 inches tall with no athleticism about the sport. I rememberdays of him crying in the room because coach said he was to short so he couldnot put him in the game. He worked out on his craft for basketball every dayand felt as if no one believed in him. His attitude was like a roaring tigerbecause he never cared what the coach had to say. His high school coach said hewould never play on the basketball team and he should try another sport.

Afterthe coach made that statement, Andrew cried again and said he wanted to neverplay basketball again.Shortly Andrew made me go to the gymwith him to put up some shots. He transferred high schools across town toManhattan Center and played against his former coach at South shore High School.He went from never touching the basketball court to scoring twenty seven pointsa game. Watching Andrew was motivation and a wakeup call for me to acquaintmyself and push harder in basketball because it could have been me in his shoestrying to prove doubters wrong. From that moment he showed me the value ofbeing humble and the results of what never giving up can do for you when youcome across challenges. This built my self determination and now I had a motiveand different approach when I go about aspects.

Days with Todd Myles I would neverforget. Most days were hard for me. He never got off my case. HE had a positiveinfluence on my life that dwelled on tough love. From the first day I met himin 8th grade, he told me I could be a big time player, and he wasgoing to push me to do so. I never understood until my first day of high schooland he said he wanted to work me out with some shooting and ball handling drills.Most people could not take constant criticism on how to go about stuffcorrect.

  I was one of those kids whodidn’t like to be told what to do when I was on the basketball court. Hedrilled me until I got all the dribbling and shooting drills correct. I wasgood, but it was never enough for him.

Every time I walk in Paul Robesongymnasium, I could still hear him yelling my name across the gym shouting,”Marquis! That’s not right” or “Marquis you’re the worst guard I ever had.” Thiswould bring me down, but the feeling of being a star basketball player for ToddMyles was one aspect on my mind. I remember scoring thirty eight points onThomas Jefferson High school, and being the first Paul Robeson team to win inthree years. After the game, he finally acknowledge me, and said” That’s thebest I was waiting for.

” I heard him on the phone with our assistance coachBishop saying that I was one of the fastest scoring guards he ever had , but henever once mentioned the statement to my face. He kept me on my toes, lookingfor nothing but perfection from me. As a result, it paid off in my favor. Inever realized the tough love he was giving me until I graduated.

I always felthe was on my case instead of trying to make me a better player. I would neverforget when I finally told him the college I’m going to play basketball at. Isaw a huge smile on his face for being proud of me. I heard Todd say “This iswhat it’s all about.” Tough love is the best love. “Do you forgive me now?”From that moment he had a positive influence on my life and made me grow as abasketball athlete and have a belief of dwelling on tough love.

 My uncle Stan is the biggestinfluence of my life. He showed me the value of being loved and having unitywith your family and pairs. This Man was valued on family and how we shouldnever be apart. He developed unity with our family, organizing all familyreunions and fundraisers for our community in Syracuse, New York. Everyone inmy town loved my uncle. When he cooked, the entire neighborhood came to hisapartment for a meal. He was well respected and loved around the neighborhood.The sense of love came the sense of a funeral home, when she passed away.

During his funeral, I thought notmany people would show up. He was in the hospital for six months and during histime there, no one had seen or spoke to him besides the family. He was wellconnected with everyone and to tell the neighborhood that he was going throughhis last days living was heart breaking. The neighborhood was informed, but noone replied back to our family messages. When I arrived to the funeral home, there was about three hundred peopleinside waiting for my family and me to walk in. We were filled with nurture andgrief which we needed to get through the afternoon. I felt the love in the airand I could do was think of how proud my uncle Tim would be if he saw his funeral.

I could still feel until this day, when my uncle came to my game and gave me ahuge for winning the national championship. From then on, I cherished the valueof love and loving myself which makes me the person I am today.  These three individuals inspired me to be thebest person I am. Each character trait and personality was at its peak for meto grow and have a sense of identity. The situations that was brought in theirlife had a positive impact on how I wanted to present myself and what I can turnout to be. Andrew’s self-determination gave me a motivation drive that anythingis possible. Todd Myles introduced me to tough love, and showed me how to makeit into a positive matter. Not to mention, my uncle Tim who gave me thepositive influence on love.

That indicates these are valued assets andinfluences in my life. 

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