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Marketing Plan is the process where an organisation analyses
its strengths and weaknesses in the current and prospective markets. The
Marketing Plan identifies its (The Organisation) aims and opportunities it
seeks to develop and define strategies to achieve its aims

So with the above mentioned I Andile Bogosi Khumalo Aim
to Conduct a Marketing Plan for Orion Devonshire,
Identifying Its Strengths and Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities in the form
of SWOT Analysis and other research tools which is will be projected on graphs
and charts

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With The information I have gathered I will be able
determine the current state of the  Hotel
In terms of overall performance compared to the markets standards and then formulate
strategies That  will assist in reaching
The Organisation’s Prospective aims  

I will daft the short, medium and long term objectives of
the Hotel that will help the hotel improve on areas that need improvement

There are some markets that are not returning or choosing
alternative options   , because of the certain factors making the hotel
lose its popularity with the target markets, which are government delegates and
officials, corporate pupils, local and international tourist.  These concerns are still manageable and can be
controlled but if they are ignored they could tarnish the image of the Orion brand as a whole.. Orion Devonshire must keep on focusing
on giving a excellent and praiseworthy service, at moderate rates; with a goal
to build more client relationships in order for them to return again and to attract
new ones .

Room rates have been cut
drastically keeping in mind the end goal to draw in contract customers, government
delegates and officials, corporate pupils, local and international tourists
throughout the following 1year frame. This will be done to rehash corporate
contract business and client dependability to the brand. The brand should in
this manner keep on delivering on its guarantee and qualities.

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