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Marketing tricks that makes you spent more money it happens often that person went to the supermarket just to buy bread or milk but ended up buying so many things. What is the reason the shopkeepers use clever techniques to manipulate us. The music wallpaper everything is designed purposefully. Here we have the tricks that shopkeepers use which make you buy more. To cut down your bills recognize these tricks- 1- we think sales are profitable they write advertisements discount and sale in red color and from longtime red color are associated with decline prices. The big discounts are so tempting that we cant resist our self from buying. They increase the price and then put a discount on it which we think is a great deal. 2- big shopping carts the area of shopping carts has increased so much in past 40 years. They made a big trolley to fill it fully subconsciously. If we are carrying half filled cart we feel that something is missing and we have the desire to fill it. So avoid taking a big cart if you came to the supermarket just for 1-2 items its better to take a small basket it will save your money. 3- placement of items groceries stores keep expensive items at the eye level. They keep on that shelves where you will first see and they place cheaper items on lower or higher shelves. If you are in hurry you wont bend down to see the price of lower shelves you just pick what you see first. 4- tempting products at the checkout counter most probably checkout counter is the most profitable area. They keep chocolates magazines chewing gums soda and other tempting things. You are so tired of walking in the store and you think you deserve a chocolate or candy or due to a long queue at the counter you buy the magazine to pass time. And they are not expensive so we dont hesitate to buy. 5- the magic number 9 it is an old and often used trick. They always keep the price like 0.99$ or 49.99$and our brain directly lower the price we dont see it as 1$ or 50$. Psychological reason for this is that we read a number from left to right so 4 seems less to us. Make yourself understand that you will pay same as 50$. 6- they keep dairy products at the end of the store dairy products are essential everybody buys. This is the trick they keep it at end of the store so that you have to cross the whole store to reach there. And on the way to search for the product you will throw some other items in your cart. 7- slow music many studies have shown that music playing in the supermarket increases the daily gross sale. Slow and classic music encourages you for more and expensive shopping. People shop leisurely with background music.

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