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Market Structure In Class AssignmentCanadian Oil IndustryResearch:The industry I will be analyzing is the Oil Industry in Canada, and the scope I am analyzing is Canada.-Some of the biggest companies include Suncor Energy, Inc., Enbridge, Inc., Imperial Oil, Ltd. Canadian Natural Resources, Ltd. and TransCanada Corp. -Suncor is the largest company, in terms of total revenue, in Canada. It has a market capitalization of nearly $42 billion (established in 1919). -Suncor has nearly 2000 gas stations throughout Canada (companies real estate holdings itself are worth billions)-Enbridge is based in Calgary and is noted as one of the largest energy delivery companies in the country. It has a market cap of almost $40 billion.-Imperial Oil has a market cap of over 30 billion (has significant holdings in the Alberta Oil Sands)-Canadian Natural Resources has a market cap of 27 billion and is wholly Canadian-TransCanada Corporation has a market cap of $26 billion. -The company’s network of pipelines is comprised of approximately 2,200 miles of oil pipelines, along with over 40,000 miles of gas pipelines connecting essentially all of the sizable gas supply pools in North America.Ranking the top 5:Suncor EnergyEnbridge IncImperial OilCanadian Natural ResourcesTransCanada Corporation-The Canadian Oil industry is perceived by myself to be an Oligopoly as there is a state of limited competition (shown by the couple of major companies who control it), and as the oil in Canada is sold and produced by a small number of competitors. -The Canadian government has placed many regulations on the Canadian Oil industry-Environmental regulation in Canada are extensive, so numerous regulatory bodies and legislative provisions govern the activities of oil and gas companies-affects the industry as it limits who can enter the industry as they now must have an even larger amount of capital to afford the environmental regulations-the competition in the Oil Industry in Canada is quite small due to there being a limited amount of competitors-must find large amounts of oil -must have a large amount of capital-Canada is rich in oil and natural gas and currently has the world’s third largest proven reserves of crude oil. -Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the Maritime Provinces all produce substantial quantities of oil and gas.-The majority of Canada’s proven oil and gas reserves and production facilities are located within the province of Alberta. -Alberta is the largest producing region in North America (in 2011, Alberta produced 1.7 million barrels of oil per day, and it is estimated that this figure will rise to over 3 million barrels per day by 2020)-In 2016, the NEB reported Canada exported nearly 494,000 cubic meters per day while importing approximately 120,000 cubic meters per day. 99% of Canadian crude oil exports were to the US.- In 2014 the oil industry contributed approximately $17 billion in taxes and royalties to governments-Employed, directly and indirectly, 440,000 persons across Canada-There are many barriers to enter the Canadian Oil Industry that exist due to the nature of this industry-High startup costs that make it difficult to enter the sector for some companies -Federal and provincial government environmental regulations often require large amounts of capital investment-Companies are attempting to present their brands differently- Many attempt to do so by advertising support for renewable energies, or attempting to draw focus away from oil production and toward friendlier pictures of the uses of energy in daily life.-Average price of gas in Canada (according to Gas Buddy) is roughly $119.33 per litre-There are many controversial oil pipelines that companies are trying to have built across Canada (e.g. Northern Gateway)-Many legal and environmental issues must be addressed before any of them can be built

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