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Maria AtilanoMr.GreinkePerspectives of Literature – 618 January 2018Shakespeare’s Comedy and SatireShakespeare’s  Much Ado About Nothing is considered one of his best comedies. Two couples in this play; Beatrice and Benedick, Claudio and Hero demonstrate the way people interacted with each other back in the days. The love shown between Claudio and Hero is delicate and passionate. Beatrice and Benedick on the other hand, are deeply in love with each other and show their love by arguing constantly. Shakespeare’s use of comedy and satire in Much Ado About Nothing reveals whether marriage is a truly noble institution, the difficulties of love and emotional maturity, and the difficulties of love and loyalty.Marriage in Much Ado About Nothing is important. As soon as the play starts, Claudio sets his eyes on Hero and quickly thinks of his intention, to marry herHero. Claudio thinks of marriage way too fast, he doesn’t even know Hero well enough to say that. Throughout the drama that goes on in the play, it all involves marriage. The characters in the play treat marriage like it’s necessary. Claudio started off talking to Benedick about hero, “Even if I had sworn never to marry, I wouldn’t trust myself to keep that promise if Hero would marry me”. Not to mention, marriage is treated as a constant source of jokes for some characters as well. In this case, Benedick was one of the characters. Benedick replied to Claudio, “What’s going on these days? Isn’t there one man left in the world who knows not to take a wife? She’s just going to cheat on him. Will I never see a sixty-year old bachelor again or will all men be swindled into marriage while they’re young? Go ahead, them, if you have to yoke yourself to marriage, like an ox carrying his load, and throw away your free time” (Shakespeare 17). Apparently Benedick thinks everyone cheats on everyone.In Much Ado About Nothing maturity acts as personal growth. The young characters; Claudio, Benedick, Beatrice, and Hero are all immature in matters of love, because they have yet to figure out how to deal with it in a way that doesn’t compromise them. The older characters being Leonato and Don Pedro, have the respect that comes with age. They’re both wiser in the ways of the world, but they lose out because of their age as well. When Claudio refuses to fight Leonato and Antonio, he says it’s because they’re old men without teeth. “We were about to have our noses snapped off by two old men with no teeth” (Shakespeare 197).Throughout the play, Hero’s loyalty started getting questioned when people started spreading rumors about her. They started by Don John, one very unhappy man. He tells Claudio that Hero is not as pure as he might think she is. Don John says, ” I came here to tell you – I’ll make this short, since she’s already been talked about for too long – the lady is unfaithful” (115 Shakespeare). After Claudio is led to believe that his very own Hero was cheating on him, he wanted revenge. During the wedding, Claudio refuses to marry Hero in front of all the guests and accuses her of already having sexual intercourse with someone else.To conclude, Shakespeare’s use of comedy and satire helps give a clear message on themes by constantly joking about marriage, using young characters to show their immaturity in matters of love, and showing the characters loyalty by questioning it or spreading fake rumors. The issues during the late Renaissance, shown in Much Ado About Nothing, still exist today. Many people in the 21st century treat marriage as a joke itself.

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