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Marcella MooreEnglish IV A4Cox24 January 2018Dissociative disordersMLA Citation:Fink, Paul J. “Dissociative disorders.” Clinical Psychiatry News, Dec. 2005, p. 12. Academic OneFile, Accessed 24 Jan. 2018.Notes: Treatment:Treatment keysConfront different parts of the mind about behaviorThrough therapy Also called altersContractsHave the altars and their host all sign a contract to determine how they should all behaveUsed especially for those with destructive tendenciesSexualPhysical  TherapyGet to know one another (alters)Those that identify as separate must learn that they are in the same body Long Term, psychodynamically informed psychotherapy Reqires safe Alters can go on misbehaving for years until therapyDifferent parts of the mindCan have different personalities and identities Final integration is the goal for all ages: ultimate GOALSCan tell children patients the goal Get children and adolescent alters to fuse during therapy Like a test run to see how they handle it DO NOT tell adult patient about goalCould anger the altars that are very independent and have no desire to fuseCan cause fear; Some may not be ready to do that  The goal they know should be:Generate safetyMaintain greater social and occupational functioningGetting over past traumasCan decrease alters resistance to unitingGeneral InfoDissociative Identity DisorderChronic, complex posttraumatic stress disorderResult of physical, sexual, or deprivational eventsChildhood abuse Events overwhelm immature ego capacities  Typically starts in children The traumatic experiences are sectioned into the alters Alters become methods of dealing with events (several realities)Trauma free identitiesProtection from traumatic events A way of stopping it from impacting their life anymoreControversial and misunderstood; even in psychiatryPsychiatrist may have never seen it or couldn’t recognize it when seen Essential features are overlookedMedia distorts it”DID is a condition of secrecy and covertness”- Dr. FinkThe dissociation’s goal is to not be seen, or known or in the center of attentionHence the escape from reality to alternate realities When dissociation fails… It can become dramaticPatients feel scary loss of control Post traumatic chaos associationConstant bombardment of violent memoriesbehaviors Chaotic AbnormalBroken feelingLoss of control Different alters may be at the controls Seperate or autonomous parts in controlImpaired memory caused by dissociative lapses Dissociative lapsesCan be brought back if patient feels safe and has awareness of memory breaking throughSlow and purposefully Host knows that there gaps in memoryAlter may seem in control but may not know of times and places Patients may try to fill in holes “Psychogenic dissociation in childhood: the role of the counseling psychologist.”MLA Citation:Richardson, Lisa Frey. “Psychogenic dissociation in childhood: the role of the counseling psychologist.” The Counseling Psychologist, Jan. 1998, p. 69+. Educators Reference Complete, Accessed 24 Jan. 2018.Notes:Counseling psychologist have a better effect on children with dissociative disordersCounseling psychology (perspectives)Positive adaptationDevelopmental perspectivesindividual-environmental interactionFocus on the scientist-practitioner model (fritz and simon ’92)A training model which integrates science and practice in psychologyScience and practice must constantly inform the each otherIntended for training clinical psychologists Later became used in training all professional psychologists School psychologists Counselling psychologistsDefinition Spiegel and Cardena “A structured separation of mental processes such as memories, thoughts, sense of identity, and feelings”Putnam”Psychophysiological process that produces an alteration in one’s consciousness when triggered by a psychodynamic event”RossThe opposite of associationPathological dissociation can come in (2) different ways:Incorrect associationIncorrect dissociation All say:Range from ordinary dissociation to unordinary dissociation ordinary dissociationDay-dreaming Highway hypnosisGetting lost in a good bookunordinary dissociationNormal becomes abnormal dissociation when… Symptoms cause a disruption in the normal integrative functions of consciousness/identity Very important to notice in children with dissociation hard to determine the difference between dissociation and normal childhood experiences

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