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Many Students have jobs while in a school (predominantly in high school). Jobs can help students in numerous ways from financial gain to experience and responsibility or help pay off loans. It’s things like these that really help change you to a mature adult. Some people don’t understand just how important jobs can be for students. These are my reasons why students should have jobs while they are in school. First off, Jobs help students with college and loans. Jobs can help students pay off their loans or to save enough money that you do not require a loan. Most people don’t know but According to A Look at the Shocking Student Loan Debt Statistics for 2017 they state that “Americans owe over $1.48 trillion in student loan debt, spread out among about 44 million borrowers.” This has gone up from a staggering 6% from 2016. In Fact, the value for student loan debts is $620 billion more than the total U.S. credit card debt. That is a lot of money being poured into loans, If students have jobs while in school then they can save the money for college and would not have to use a loan. Secondly, jobs can help students with financial gain. Jobs help by giving students money whether they are saving up for a college or help support their families. According to Professional Students: Benefits and Risks of Working While in High School they state that Nearly 1 in 4 high school students worked in 2014. This helps the student by saving their money and using it responsibly for a good moral. Lastly, Jobs can teach students how to behave responsibly for when they have their dream job. Think of this as the pillars of maturity for jobs. If you were a worker with no previous job experience then it would be harder for you get an actual job as to someone that has a lot of job experience. According to ALISON GREEN “, 30% of U.S. employers acknowledge that job seekers were looking for more pay than they were willing to offer.” This is how jobs can teach students about responsibly and jobs for the future.  In conclusion, Jobs help teach students about responsibility as well as help support their families with money. The money that the students have earned can be used to help pay for college or help pay off their loan debt. Jobs also help these students seek better jobs for the future due to their previous job experience. There are so many benefits for students that have jobs while in school. This is why students should have jobs while in school.

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