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Many GMOs (Genetically modified organism) are found in are foods everyday. From wheat to corn, GMOs are used to modify our food so we can have out of season foods around the year, bigger and longer lasting food, and food with more nutrients. Biotech companies claim GMOs are cheaper for farmers and brings farmers in more money but not all of this is true. GMOs might have some pros but the cons seem to outweigh them. GMOs need more scientific research, are increasing the use of herbicides, and may not have as much nutrition as some scientist say GMOs have. These are problems that prove that GMOs shouldn’t be labeled as safe quite yet. GMOs have been around for more than thirty years and new information about GMOs and what capability they have changes frequently a lot of testing is done and based on biotech companies information . Scientist have found a way to put vitamin-A in rice to help vitamin A deficient children and people in need of it. The problem though is that “Vitamin A content of the rice could decrease after it has been stored a long time.” Going back to scientist need to experiment more GMOs more before they can really give them to people. Herbicides, like roundup, used on crops  have increased do to the ability of using it without it killing those crops. Roundup corn a genetically modified crop made to     withstand herbicides was supposed to lower the use of herbicides but due to “liberal use of herbicides by farmers” it has actually increased and caused weeds in those crops to become more resistant and become super weeds. The harder it is to get rid of weeds the more herbicide used to try and get rid of them which causes more herbicide to b used. The use of herbicide can be connected to the alarming decrease in population for bees do to the chemical glyphosate in  herbicides. Bees pick up this chemical as they pollinate and will start getting sick from it eventually cause them to die. This affects are ecosystem by killing the way flowers and plant reprodroduce. A decrease in plant means a decrease in producers which causes a decrease in primary consumers, and so on which not only affects the ecosystem but humans as well. The GMOs we find in our food everyday that may have good benefits still has these consequences that can affect us are population and our environment by increased use of herbicides,not fully understanding GMOs and using biotech companies bias for GMOs information. GMOs need more studies and alternatives before we should label them as safe.

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