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Many years ago, sexual orientation was a simple concept to most people, it had only one meaning that society was used to. This orientation was strictley hetrosexual; sexually attracted to the opposite sex, traditionally a man and a women got married and had children together. Over time the words ‘sexual orientation’, have transformed into a different and more complex definition. From just a simple meaning, it is now separated into three main categories, hetrosexuality; opposite sex attraction, homosexuality; same sex attraction, and bisexuality; both same sex and opposite sex attraction. Today, it is more socially acceptable for a person to not be hetrosexual. Homosexuality is known to be one of the most controversial topics of our generation. In this research paper, I will be arguing the two sides of nature vs nurture and will be uncovering this popular question, ‘Are humans born homosexual or is homosexuality something that is taught?’. The church view, scientific view, and the view of regular people will be discussed in this paper. I have done my own research and surveyed 18 people, asking them basic questions on sexuality.Christianity is the most followed religion in the world, and catholics are usually known to be more homophobic than other religions, the main reasoning behinds this is the Bible. There are many important passages in the Old Testiment that discuss homosexuallity. “You must not have sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse as a women; it is a detestable act” (Lev 18:22). This law is directly stating that any sexual act between two people of the same sex is forbidden. “If a man has sexual intercourse with a male as one has sexual intercourse with a woman, the two of them have committed an abomination. They must be put to death; their blood guilt is on themselves.” (Lev 20:13). This passage does describe consequences that come with homosexual intercourse, many christians may be afraid to explore their sexuality or come out as anything other than hetrosexaul because of these brutal consequences. Both male and female homosexuals are often shunned by their Catholic parent, the people have the afraid of disobeying the word of the Lord. “So also Sodom and Gomorrah and the neighboring towns, since they indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire in a way similar to these angels, are now displayed as an example by suffering the punishment of eternal fire.”(Jude 1:7). Although the Bible does not directly state whether a person is born being homosexual or not, this verse tells us that the sexual desire is unnatural.  A common argument is that not everyone is Catholic or even religious for that matter,  out of the students that I surveyed, more than half do not consider themselves religious and a quarter of them were not raised in a religious home. Many people agree that the scriptures are not up to date with society today. All three student that circled ‘no’ to being hetrosexual, were a part of the group of people that were neither religious or live in a religious home. 16 out of the 18 people surveyed, answered yes to question number 5; Do you think that homosexuality is something you are born with?, and more than half of them grew up in a religious household. None of them considered themselves religious. The remaining people all claimed to be Catholic and do not think that homosexuality is a natural thing. When debating nature vs nurture and homosexuality, the Catholic church does not give details on what side they agree with, but most Christians agree that it is a way that was taught by society.The Big Bang vs The Creation Story is not the only argument between science and religion.  Nature Vs Nurture is a debate between biology and society, as many people including Christians believe that hetrosexuality is the only natural orientation, they believe that homosexuality is something that was taught over the generations. In spite of the facts that the media and society today has a big influence on the LGBTQ community, biology proves that the media is not the main reason that people ‘claim’ that they are gay. There is a scientific reasoning to why homosexuality exists. Genetic tests were run on 114 homosexual men and their families, it shows an increase of homosexuality in male cousins and maternal uncles. Statistics show that in men, up to 99 percent, one type of orientation can be influenced genetically. DNA plays a role in your orientation and depending on your genetic makeup, being hetrosexual is not a definate option. Since the Bible does not say that a human is born only hetrosexual, science proves that being homosexual is in human nature. Humans can be encouraged by the media to come out but that does not necessarily mean that people were taught to be homosexual.  Despite what religion and science have to argue about this topic, it is very important to hear what the people that are living as homosexuals have to say. For most people, as a child, you are usually not given the option to choose what toy that you would want to play with. Boys are expected to play with trucks and like the colour blue, while girls are supposed to play with barbies and enjoy the colour pink. These gender stereotypes still happen today, and with these stereotypes, from a young age,  you can tell if a child is going to grow up to be more masculine or more feminine. Being more masculine as a girl and being more feminine as a boy does not always mean that he/she is homosexual, but it plays a big role. I did some research and found a website that had different gay people share their stories. “I first realized I was attracted to other men at a very early age. I remember I would watch TV or a movie and find different guys to be really attractive. I don’t know how I knew it exactly. I just knew I found some guys to be hot and that I had very little interest in the opposite sex.” At a young age, people are not typically exposed to homosexuality, it is not popular on TV, and is just starting to be popular with many same-sex parents. Sometimes as a child you know what you want but you can not explain it, being attracted to the same sex is one of those things.”There was never really a time that I thought being gay was inherently wrong. There were definitely times I was like, ‘Boy, it certainly would be a lot easier if I weren’t.” There are many stories that are similar where the person wished they were straight or were ashamed of their orientation. This made me wonder, ifbeing gay would make life harder, then why do people agree that it is a choice? Are humans born homosexual or is homosexuality something that is taught? Although same-sex relationships are frowned upon by some religions, it is scientifically proven that homosexuality is something that a person is born with and can not change. This proves that humans are naturally homosexual and in fact can be influenced by others to be comfortable enough to come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual ect. Along its many issues with disagreeing sides, homosexuality will continue to be controversial. There is no definite answer to my question, people will agree with what they find correct.

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