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Many people in the world possess mixed feelings about sun exposure. While overexposure may be a problem, completely evading the sun definitely surpasses this problem. People should take in a normal dose of the sun’s rays because it provides us with health benefits and prevents us from experiencing imminent detrimental health issues. Exposure to the sun allows us to procure vitamin D. This vitamin is essential to our health as it helps prevent certain types of health issues. For instance, according to source A,  vitamin D is linked to helping prevent “17 types of cancers, heart disease, depression, type 2 diabetes, birth defects, stroke, and hypertension”. Additionally, vitamin D is best gotten from the sun because foods are not as enriched in this vitamin as the rays of the sun are. The tips that are provided in source B, such as applying “thin layers of clothing, sunscreen, and wearing hats” may be implemented to safely absorb the necessary amount of this valuable and monumental vitamin. Also, in source A, it is advised to stay in the sun for a limited amount of time, using safe sunscreen, and avoid sun burns. If these tips are followed, people will be able to get their daily dose of the sun’s rays, without causing any peril to their health. Also, another thing that is mentioned in source A, is that many sunscreens posses chemicals that deteriorate when in contact with the sun, which defeats the purpose of them protecting humans from the skin’s biggest threat, melanoma. Also in source C, the image is displaying sunscreen as something questionable, which can be confirmed by the preceding sentence that sunscreen is not very effective. As stated earlier, sun exposure has been constantly linked to helping prevent many diseases/disorders. For instance, according to source A, in the 1970s a study showed that blood pressure was much lower in the summer than in the winter. This is done by a chemical called nitric oxide that is produced by sunlight, and is known to help blood vessels relax and expand(source A). This occurs because people are constantly bundled up in the winter and are not able to receive the same sun exposure as in the summer when people are usually wearing less layers. Therefore, this exhibits that people should expose themselves safely to the sun in order to elude certain inimical diseases/disorders and live a healthier lifestyle. When people are constantly in the shade and acquiring even a drop of sunlight, they are missing out on the endless health benefits that comes from sunlight. Also, sun exposure has been linked to ameliorating our mood and producing brain chemicals such as serotonin, a chemical that has to do with mood, social behavior, appetite, memory, libido, and sleep(source A). As a result, this shows that sunlight is very important in promoting a happier and lengthy life, because if a person is deficient in serotonin, they are prone to developing depression, which may lead a person to have a shorter life. All in all, sun exposure is a very paramount thing that should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Contrary to the many pessimistic thoughts that linger around sun exposure, it’s benefits truly surpass its negative factors. Of course, exposing oneself to the sun should be done in a safe way, where one does not cause sunburn. This will allow people to acquire a great amount of vitamin D, a vitamin that is very important in preventing diseases. Sunlight alone can lengthen one’s health as it prevents and lowers diseases/disorders such as depression and hypertension. Overall, sun exposure is an amazing thing that everyone should safely absorb in their daily life.

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