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Many people have gained knowledge of the ancient myths of allusions in historical novels. An allusion is an idea of the figure of speech that may or may not be real and show direct or indirect characterizations. In Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, Mary conveys allusions in her novel that relate to the story of Victor and his creation. She explains gradually how Victor is seen as Prometheus due to creating a creature and awakening it using lightning. The creature gains knowledge from society and nature when abandoned by his “god” and left alone in the world. He is then judged by society and his misery turns into agony. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, myths are present throughout the novel but are seen darkly inside the characters and are shown through their actions.According to Greek Mythology (2000-2017), Prometheus is the son of Titan Laperus and Ciymery or Themis. A Legend goes that Prometheus creates man with clay and water. Though when Zeus is punishing men, Prometheus stole the fire from gods and gives it to the man, which learned arts and science. For stealing the fire, Zeus sent Prometheus to be punished for eternity by being bound to a rock, and each day an eagle is sent to eat his liver. Then the cycle would start over again and his torment will continue until eternity. The author named it as Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus because they have something that is similar.  Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus share a common idea, they both are fascinated about making a new creation and bringing it to life. Prometheus made men out of clay and water and Victor made his creature using electricity and lightning. However, Victor’s creation sees himself as a man and in Victor’s perspective, he sees him as a monster. Prometheus and Victor show a step towards the future in which it will bring consequences of rebirth and birth which is shown throughout the novel in Frankenstein. “A new species would bless me as its creator and source many; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me”(51). This explains that Victor is seeking power to become a ruler just like Prometheus who both are givers of life. Not only are they givers of life but in contrary, they nurture and abandon their creations.The Apple of Knowledge also known as the tree of knowledge, the tree that is forbidden by God for Adam and Eve to eat from. Bruce R Mills (2017), explains in his article that God planted the tree of Eden. Adam is allowed to eat from any tree in the garden except the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God told him he would die if he ate from that tree. In most versions of the story the fruit that Adam and Eve ate was an apple that represents knowledge. Though some believe it was a fig tree because after eating from the tree they sewed leaves to cover themselves up. Eating from the tree opened up a new kind of sense to Adam and Eve. This shows a resemblance to Victor’s creation because he sees himself as Adam and Victor is seen as his God. God created Adam and Eve, which are the first humans to be alive according to the bible . Victor created a creature with sympathy but judged in the society which led him to become who he is. “I ought to be thy Adam but I am rather the fallen angel” (84). This shows that the creature is seen more like Adam than satan but behaves as is he was meant to be Satan. He relates to Adam because Adam also wanted a mate and he asked God to make him his Eve and so he did. The creature wanted his Eve and he asked Victor to create a mate for him so they can both leave and eat berries together but it never happened because Victor destroyed it; which shows why the creature sees himself as Satan because he is full of envy and jealousy towards his creator. He is full of envy because society and his creator judged him. He is also jealous because he has no one and is miserable so in his view if he is miserable so will his creator.              Lucifer is known as the fallen angel in the bible. He represents the “morning/bright star,” the second powerful spiritual figure next to God. According to an online article by Amy Miller,  God is who created Lucifer, his duty was to be the angel of worship. His arrogance led to his downfall, he believed he deserved more than what he already had. Lucifer’s strong desire is to be worshipped as a God. God sent him down and to never return back to heaven. He is referred as Satan and his goal is to oppose the plans of God. Victor’s creation resembles a connection with Lucifer because they both show envy and both defy their creators as a god. Also, Lucifer and the creature are created without the knowledge of hatred. ” You are my creator, but I am your master; obey” (143). This indicates that society is who made this creature to act like Satan because the creature is seen innocent when first introduced but furthermore in the novel when he is shown to mankind, he is judged and abandoned by everyone who sees him including his creator. His misery is a result of many things one of them being not fitting in with society and the power he has corrupted. Lucifer and the creature believe they both deserve more than they have received. The creature wanted to get sympathy and be nurtured by his “god” and wanted his Eve. However, he is shunned by his creator and becomes full of evilness and revenge. He transfigures his feelings into physical actions.        In conclusion, the creature sees himself more miserable than Adam and Eve and Satan. If the creature never read the books he found, for instance, Paradise Lost, he would not have known about Satan or Adam and Eve and would of not consider himself as one of the myths. Furthermore, the creature would have never felt ugly and a wretch if society did not shut him down by how different he looks. The Society serves to intensify the creatures wretch and hatred as well. Moreover, the idea of this novel is for scientists to understand the consequences of cloning and creating life. In Mary Shelley’s novel, she reflects Victor’s creation as God’s secret because God is who created life. She shows how Victor stole the secret from God and is punished for his own creation. Myths are shown to be relevant to science and how so much power can come as a consequence. Mary Shelley explains in her text that society is what shapes one’s behavior and personality. Society and the myths are what shaped the creature to play the role of a monster.                  

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