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Many years ago some people try
to create an international organization that will be responsible about the
maritime issues. Without success, the assemblies took place, the first in Washington
(1889) and the second in St. Petersburg (1912).

During the World War II it was
necessary to solve some troubles about the allied navy. Firstly created the Maritime
Management Council that next the United Maritime Authority (1944). In the
Maritime Conference of United States in Geneva in 1948 with the with the
presence of all the country was accepted the convention that create the IMCO.

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Almost 40 years later change
the name and from IMCO became IMO, with the consequence of upgrading the role. Specifically
the specifications became more development and most hardly for the
countries-member. For the implementation of this decision need the signature
form 21 countries-member of which 7 should have navy more than 1 million.     

Is responsible for measures to
enhance the safety and at ease of global and to protect marine contamination
from ships. It additionally worried in crook topics which include liability and
reimbursement troubles and the facilitation of world maritime traffic. IMO
currently 172 members – states and they meet every 2 years. IMO is a small but
critical UN specialized business enterprise with around three hundred
workforce. The enterprise include assembly, council and five important
committees. The governing frame of the IMO is
the assembly, composed of all IMO members. 

The meeting determines the
paintings program and vote on the budget to which all participants contribute
it. The council plays all functions of the agency excepted of recommending. The
adoption of maritime safety rules a prerogative of Maritime safety Committee.
The council also has an crucial position. Drafts of worldwide gadgets and
formal suggestions ought to be authorized by using the council earlier than
they may be submitted to the assembly. The council is made from forty
participants elected through the meeting for two years phrases. The Maritime
safety Committee, the legal Committee, the technical Cooperation and the Secretariat
headed with the aid of a secretary widespread.

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