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Mami was laying asleep in her bed.She was dreaming that she was in a beautiful land full of rainbows, beautiful lakes, flowers, and……Ehm……Ehm…….Creepy clowns and a burned guy?Mami was walking around in her dreamland, when she suddenly heard a voice.”OVER HERE!” The voice shouted.She headed towards the sound, and she ended up walking on a flower-covered street.One of the walls had a whole in it.Mami headed towards the hole, and the head of a clown came out.The clown had red hair, a red nose and white skin.”Hiya, Mami!” The clown said.Mami jumped backwards.”Aren’t you gonna say.. Hello?” The clown asked.”Well.. uhm.” Mami said.”Oh. come on, Bucko. Don’t you want.. a balloon?” The clown asked, and a balloon popped up.”I’m not supposed to take stuff from stranger. My daid said so.” Mami said.”I, Mami, am Pennywise the Dancing Clown! You are Mami! So, now we know each other! Correct?” The clown asked.”I guess so.” Mami said.”Don’t you want some cotton candy, Mami? There’s cotton candy, rides, and all sort of surprise down here.. and balloons too. All colours.” Pennywise said.”Do they float?” Mami asked.”Oh yes… They float, Mami. They float… and when you’re down here with me.. YOU’LL FLOAT TOO!” Pennywise shouted.Just when Pennywise wanted to grab and devour Mami Tomoe in her dreams, Pennywise heard a voice.”HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” The voice shouted.Mami turned around, and Pennywise stepped out of the hole.Another clown, with orange hair and two red stripes on his face, pointed at Pennywise.”Who are you?” Mami asked.”I am the REAL Pennywise.. that red-haired one is a poser!” The orange-haired clown shouted.”That’s untrue! I am Pennywise The Dancing Clown.. you don’t even look like a real, entertaining clown!” The red-haired Pennywise shouted, and he pointed at the orange-haired Pennywise.The 1990 Pennywise started quarrelling with the 2017 Pennywise, giving Mami Tomoe the chance to attack them.Mami Tomoe transformed into a magical girl, and she attacked both Pennywises.Both Pennywises couldn’t fight back, because they were too busy insulting each other.And just when Mami Tomoe thought that she was finally safe, another threat popped up.A man with burned skin and a striped shirt, who was wearing a claw-like glove, popped up in Mami’s dreams.(Meanwhile.. In Homura’s room..)Homura came home from a busy day.She went to bed, and she fell asleep….Homura eventually woke up, and she noticed that she was in a beautiful land full of rainbows, beautiful lakes, flowers, and…Ehm…Mami Tomoe and a burned man?Oh yes. It was true.Homura stood up in the dream world, and she saw the burned man with the clawed glove heading towards Mami.Homura didn’t hesitate, and she turned into a magical girl.She ran towards Mami Tomoe and the burned man.Mami and Homura tried to kill the burned man, but they couldn’t, no matter how hard they tried.They eventually felt exhausted.”Now it’s my turn.” The burned man said, and he headed towards the two teens.He killed Mami and Homura in the dream world, and they died in the real world, too.”Game over.” The burned man said.

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