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Malav PatelB00790747CSCI 5708January 23, 2018WorkflowPowerful automation made easy Link to application: Workflow is a personal powerful platform where you can bring all your apps together to create a powerful workflow for iPhones, iPads and apple watches. It makes your routine easy and helps you manage your daily work. All your merged apps are just one tap away. Your workflow can be launched from the widget (screenshot 1) or you can make your workflow as a standalone app (Home ETA standalone app) (screenshot 2) also for easy access. It helps users with documentation, files, organization. So, it is classified as a productive application. Workflow opens infinite possibilities, few of them are as below:1.       Find the coffee shop near you.2.       Direction to your home.3.       Browse the top news.4.       Add the last screenshot to Instagram.5.       Upload photos to your dropbox and delete them from your device.6.       Send a message to anyone from your contacts and tell them about your ETA.7.       Turn webpage into pdf.8.       Dictionary. This application is chosen for its broad usability from a single platform. It makes easy access to main features of all applications. It helps to organize the daily routine in a timely manner. This is the best app for someone who is lazy and unorganized. All functionality is done on the client side and not server side and that’s the best part about it. What makes it novel from IFTTT is that it allows the user to build their own workflows. So, it is more user attractive and easy to use.  As it merges all kinds of applications it used various kind of technologies like GPS to know your location, camera support for taking photos, cloud sharing for uploading files to your cloud, Bluetooth for transferring through airdrop. The best feature about this app is that it allows you to create a filesystem in your iOS device while the fact is that there is no file system in iOS. The user can create their own workflows within a minute or two. The only drawback I can think about is it is not available for android device.   Screenshots:                                          1                                                 2                                               3                                       4                                                  5                                                  6                                       7                                              8                                                 9     First Heuristic Evaluation: User control and freedomThe user can easily stop the running workflow simply by tapping on stop icon on the screen as shown in (screenshot 3). So, if the user makes any mistake while launching the workflow they can easily stop it easily. Even the user have undo option (screenshot 4) while creating new workflow. So, if they choose something wrong while creating the workflow they can easily go back to the previous step (undo button) or they can delete the specific feature of the work flow by tapping on X button on top right corner (screenshot 5). Second Heuristic Evaluation: Help and documentationIf the user is using application for the first time, then it gives guided tour about how to use application and whenever user creates new a workflow there is option about guided tour and help (screenshot 6). So, this way it can easily help the novice user to get familiar with the application. Workflows are categorized according to its usage (screenshot 7 screenshot 8). It even gives documentation of everything and redirect user to website if they want to look for anything (screenshot 9). So, it becomes easy for the user to search for a workflow.   

            Merlin Bird ID            by Cornell Lab Link to application: Merlin Bird ID helps you identify a bird. The user can identify the bird If they have a photo of the bird or else simply by answering 5 questions (screenshot 1). It gives a list of birds that best match your description. It has a large directory of birds (bird packs) according to different geographic location (screenshot 2). It identifies around 2000+ bird species of USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe. The 5 questions include:1.       Where did you see the bird?2.       When did you see the bird?3.       What size was the bird?4.       What were the main colors?5.       What was the bird doing? And when you use Photo ID, it accesses your mobile camera and asks you to take a photo of the bird and crop it and it gives you the result (screenshot 3). I find this application interesting because within a minute it identifies the bird that you are trying to figure out by looking for it on google or some website searching by its unclear description. It is a great application for someone who is bird lover as it gives access to 2000+ birds. It even gives information about a bird like what kind of sound it makes, describes how it looks with photo, where you can find them classified on basis of migration, breeding, non-breeding, year-round (screenshot 4). As this application helps the user in accessing information about different birds it is categorized as a Reference application. Photo ID uses computer vision and deep learning algorithm for giving the best match for your description. It uses technologies like GPS to know your location, Camera to take a photo of the bird.  This application gives easy access to thousands of different kinds of birds. It makes easy for the user to identify the bird. It covers most of Europe, Canada, USA, South America. Once it identifies the bird for the user and if the users confirm the bird then the application records it in its database to improve the accuracy of the database. This way it keeps on improving. It does not work on IOS 6 or older version. The size of the application keeps on increasing as you download more and more bird packs. So, it consumes a lot of your phone memory.    Screenshots:                                                1                                                        2                                                      3                                                  4                                                     5                                                         6                                                  7  First Heuristic Evaluation: Match between the system and the real worldIt is user-friendly as it uses users’ language for communicating with the users. For instance, when the user looks for a bird by answering 5 questions, the user feels like he/she is having a conversation with someone (as described above). (screenshot 5) shows it speaks user’s language rather than system-oriented terms. (screenshot 6) shows how it is clearer and more effective than “no result”.  Second Heuristic Evaluation: Aesthetic and minimalist design

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This application does not show any irrelevant information. It does not ask for irrelevant information and keeps it as much less as it can. For instance, on the home screen, it only focuses on the main goal of application i.e. Search bird (screenshot 1). It gives the minimum number of birds and gives the closest match as per the description made by the user. It uses deep learning for giving best match to your description (screenshot 7) (gives best match of 3 results).

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