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Making a name for myself, a stand for my
family and leaving a mark in world, is I’ve ever wanted. Society teaches each
generation that they should not be afraid to get what they want, that when an
opportunity comes you grab it. This course is my opportunity, it is a chance to
prove myself and be the best accomplished person I could become. Years from now
having completed this Business course is an aspiration of mine. All of our
dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Growing up coming from
a small family that have are making just
enough income to survive, both my parents and the rest of my family have
motivated and inspired me to go do a subject that will benefit me.

Through my AS’ I have gained more
confidence to bring my future plans to light and the enthusiasm to delve deeper
in to the world of business. Doing a BTEC Business course has allowed me to
interact with different people that I would not usually interact with. Unit 1 Business Environment developed my researching skills,
this would be usually when assignments gets given  because it means that I know how  to receive and process information. I was a
prefect and it gave me skills such as good time management, excellent
communication and leadership skills. English
Literature was one of the subjects I studied previously and it helped me
improve my writing skills and helped me understand how people communicate and
how they interpret things. Having these skills
improved my morale and efficiency, thus I was able to produce better work
quickly and precisely. After completing the course, a business analyst is what
I want to become because I would be managing requirements that could fulfil a
company’s needs.

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Usually, “why do you think you’re suitable
for this course?” is asked. Why wouldn’t I be? Taking part in the NCS programme
has allowed me to be courageous and adventurous, making me try new things and
participate in a team project which included planning a Halloween event in an
elderly people’s community centre. The young Lambeth cooperative is an
organisation where young people help to change the community. Being a member of
the young Lambeth community encouraged me to participate in group projects,
events and even give out speeches to willing audiences. Working for a small
charity called Inside Success has really boosted my confidence because it
involved explaining what the company was all about to strangers in an open
environment and persuading them to donate however much they could to help the
youth in the community. I was also a sales assistant when I worked in
Sainsbury’s and now currently work in a hospitality agency called Temptribe
which has given me. Having worked has made me adapt to different fast paced environments meaning
that on this course it would be easy for me to adapt very quickly.

I enjoy drawing in my spare time as it
helps to comfort me when I become stressed. Drawing more also develops my
fashion designs for the sketches I make to envision my clothing line. Athletics
is another hobby of mine, this keeps my mind and body healthy, this will be
usually as it means that what I’m learning on the business course will easily
be processed.

The knowledge I would obtain from the course
would help me to find solutions to any problems a company may have. This course
is what will help me in my future.  I
understand that in today’s business involves not just balancing the books but
is about the investments, assets, people, opportunities and risks.

 I am
excited and eager on gaining more essential skills if I am enrolled onto this
Business course. Learning about new interesting topics is intriguing to me,
business is a subject that I enjoy. I know that this course will be difficult
and I am positive that I am willing study business because I know that ill
enjoy it. I believe that with my enthusiasm and my tendencies to love
challenges, I would be a fantastic addition to your university.

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