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Majority of the current and predictable natural
gas development within North America is supertight liquid-rich gas reservoirs.
Multi-fractured horizontal wells (MFHWs) are commonly used for the development
of these resources. Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) using single-phase linear
flow model is used to characterize the properties of such reservoirs. However,
high water production from these reservoirs could misleading the single-phase
RTA analysis and resulted in underestimating the reservoir volumetric. Multiphase
RTA has been used for solving this dilemma by dealing with the production as a
total fluid. The appropriate RTA to be applied to these high water
producing unconventional plays have long been problematic.

models or RTA methods are widely used for history matching and production
forecast of unconventional reservoirs. In the current research, a different RTA
method for analyzing extremely liquid-rich wells is introduced. The method is
based on dealing with the very high water-cut wells as water condensate ones. This
RTA technique can yield a better estimation of the reservoir properties and
substantial evaluation of its performance. By using this methodology, an
optimized development of high water producing unconventional plays can be achieved
by effectively designing section spacing and reducing offset fracture

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In this study,
RTA method was used to analyze well performance
based on the main flow production, which is water phase. The stimulated surface
area and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) have been calculated for the single-phase
water. Whereas, the gas/oil EUR is calculated based on the gas/oil-cut
percentage.  The new
analysis methodology can achieve good results comparing to the multiphase RTA,
which introduce a simpler and effective methodology to be applied for wells
producing within high water-cut environments.

The approach of the current study could help petroleum engineers who are
forecasting and characterizing very low-permeability liquid-rich shale wells
with high water-cut production. Additionally, this work might introduce a
desired method that can be applied to constrain characterization and improve accuracy.

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