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Maize (Zea mays), is
a member of grass own family Poaceae. It is a cereal grain which become first
grown-up via human beings in ancient central america. It is the third most
essential cereal crop in the world in this time. Maize being the uppermost
yielding cereal crop in the world. It is an important for countries like
Pakistan, where speedily rising population has already explored the accessible
food materials. In Pakistan, maize is fourth major grown-up crop following the wheat,
rice  and cotton. The area under maize
here is over one million hectares and production 3.5 million metric tons.
Punjab gives 39% of the total area beneath maize and 30 % of total production;
KPK donates 56 % of the whole area and 63% of the production while five% of the
whole region and 3% of the entire production is given by Sindh and Baluchistan.
Maize is an angiosperm, which means that its seeds are enclosed inside a
fruit or shell. It is a staple food of
many people.

The maize plant is frequently
10 ft in height, though some natural herbals lines can grow
39 ft (Chandel & Singh, 2011). The
tassel of maize is mature and situations are definitely heat and dry, anthers
on the tassel dehisce and release pollen (Viner
et al., 2010).  Due to its shallow
roots, maize is liable to droughts, illiberal of nutrient-poor soils, and
liable to be uprooted by way of intense winds (Gertsis
et al., 2015). Sexual reproduction occur in maize each year. In sexual
reproduction the genes are haphazardly selected from a specified plant to
propagate to the next generation, means that the desirable characters originate
in the crop can be misplaced in next generations if certain techniques are
used. Because it is cold-intolerant, in
the temperate zones maize must be planted in the spring (Chen et al., 2015). The root system is usually thin,
so plant depend on soil humidity. As a C4 plant, maize is a considerably more
water-efficient crop than C3 plants (Fader et al., 2010).

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Maize has suboptimal
amounts of the essential amino acids tryptophan and lysine,
which accounts for its lower status as a protein source (Galili & Amir, 2013). They are often kept
on the cob for
storage in a corn crib. Starch from maize can also be made
into plastics, fabrics, adhesives,
and many other chemical products. Maize is relatively cheap and home-heating
furnaces have been developed which use maize kernels as a fuel. Some forms of
the plant are occasionally grown for ornamental use in the garden.

A biotic stresses like heat stress can reduces
the crop yield and productivity all over the world mostly cultivated crops
cannot tolerate high temperature. Extreme heat stress can cause a reduction
in plant stomata
conductance, which reduces plant transpiration
rate, causing reductions in plant productivity
and yield. Exposure to excessive temperatures during development limits the
yield of many of the world’s major crops, especially in the tropics (Wassmann
et al., 2009). increasing worldwide temperatures over the past three decades
have ended in appreciably reduced yields in many vegetation. further to the
general warming, a anticipated increase in the occurrence of warmth waves is in
all likelihood to bring about in addition yield losses (Giannakopoulos et al.,
2009). increasing international temperatures and an increasing number of
frequent heat waves are likely to have similarly terrible consequences on
herbal structures in the tropics and subtropics.

The effect of heat stress on staple crops like maize can be
severe. The impact varies depending on the developmental stage of the
plants, with the most vulnerable stage being flowering. . high temperatures
shorten the length of boom of both the leaves and the grains, accelerating
their improvement and for that reason restricting the capacity of the plant to
build up the carbohydrate essential for grain growth (Prasad et al., 2008).
further, heat pressure earlier than flowering can motive floret sterility,
causing yield losses due to reduced grain quantity.plants have advanced a
number mechanisms to keep tissues from overheating or to save  inhibition and harm from high temperatures
arise. A key aspect of tolerance to heat stress is the degree to which a tissue
exposed to moderately high temperatures can acclimate in a way that improves
its ability to function at higher temperatures (Allakhverdiev et al., 2008)

inside minutes of temperature growing above the most
suitable, the expression of most genes used for standard metabolism is
inhibited, however, a sub-set of specialized strain response genes are actively
up-regulated. The exceptional characterised of these genes are a multi-family
institution called warmth shock proteins (HSP). HSP occur in all organisms. In
plants, they show differential expression in lots of tissues and lots of cell
booths. HSP utilize a singular transcription element to respond without delay
to warmness, and their levels have been proven to rise in conjunction with
temperature till the deadly threshold temperature is reached (Neidhardt et al.,
1984). On exposure to high temperature HSP expression commonly peaks after 1-2
hours and diminishes after 6-eight hours, after which the mobile environment is
changed sufficient for the transcription and translation of different genes to

The impairment of metabolic feature during heat pressure
consequences in elevated production of ROS (Vinocur & Altman, 2005).
Accumulation of ROS for the duration of warmness pressure has been related to
both the light reactions and the Calvin cycle reactions. The reaction centre of
PSII is specifically inclined, generating superoxide radicals, hydroxyl
radicals and hydrogen peroxide underneath warmth pressure (Sharma et al.,
2012). Antioxidant enzymes and non-enzyme structures serve to restrict the
formation of the most adverse ROS, consisting of singlet oxygen, and to
detoxify the cells thru ROS-scavenging (Jia et al., 2012). 

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