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magento development AustraliaHow to Give A Festive Touch to Your Magento Website To Make It Holiday ReadyPrepare Your eCommerce Site For Holiday RushEvery eCommerce business needs to revamp their tailored stores before the Christmas holidays start. After all, that’s the best part of the year when online sellers are likely to be flooded with traffic and make towering profits. Magento Stores Are Easy To RenovateMagento is an unmatched eCommerce platform, offering advanced tools, extensions and functions that can easily cater to every requirement of the online businesses. Websites built with Magento, fortunately, comes with versatile tools and plugins and hence can give it a festive touch before holiday mood sets in. Surefire Ways To Get Holidays Sales Rush in Your StoreIf you are hoping to win some great volumes of sales in this Christmas, these are some of the proven tips that Magento owners need to adopt. 1. Themes moderationRevamp the outlook of your store with beautiful Magento themes to garner more interest from the visitors. Choose your colours wisely that gives the essence of holiday and use some compulsive images related to the festivals.  2. Make the site load with lightning fast speed People are always in hurry as they have a line of products to buy during the holidays. Thus, make sure your site loads faster than ever with by removing all speed shackles of a store with site optimisation tools. 3. Pop-ups for time-bound salesA great way to drive holiday sales is creating onsite pop-ups that will show any special product deal or offer with the countdown to grab it. 4. Flash salesThis can get you back the customers who have left your site earlier with flash messages. Flash sales messages appear on their screens as soon as they abandon the site. 5. Multiple shipping modesCustomise the shipping and payment structure of your site with as many as options possible to provide maximum flexibility to the buyers. 6. Deploy Magento extensionsAdd some additional facilities to your site using some of Magento’s exclusive plugins like Mega Menu, Gift Card, Banner Slider, Store Credit, and so forth.  7. Get more traffic with propelling SEOGet some effective SEO strategy to drive traffic to your site by making it more discoverable. Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, too help in ranking a website on the top of the search engine results. Spice up your eCommerce Store on this Holiday!The selling potential of online businesses is not worthy to miss! So, you need to assure that your Magento store is good enough for embracing all seasonal boosts. PHPProgrammers can help you through!PHPProgrammers, being a professional in eCommerce websites with Magento development in Australia help online businesses to create stellar online stores and get through all the strategies to amplify their sales.

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