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 M3-2SaadAlrasheedyCentralWashington University         (1) For job satisfaction studies, tell yourideas of what a qualitative study of the topic might look like.  Then, tell your ideas of what a quantitativestudy of the same topic would look like.

 Give me your own ideas.  Rememberthat there will be no wrong ideas if you can explain the ideas very well            It is a well known fact that for jobsatisfaction studies, both qualitative & quantitative research methods canbe used to collect relevant data. But it depends on nature of the study thatwhich research method is going to be used to collect the research data forresearch analysis. If an organization wants to have a broad look at that whatfactors or issues are in minds of their employees, which lead to theirsatisfaction or dissatisfaction from the job, then the organization can go forqualitative study to collect relevant data.

In qualitative research study, theorganization can have various options to collect information from its employeeslike structured or unstructured interviews, focus groups, participantobservation etc. For instance, the researcher chooses focus group option tocollect data regarding job satisfaction for a particular organization, then agroup of employees would be selected from the organization, and this focusgroup would be engaged in a discussion where they would be asked about theirperceptions, beliefs, opinions as well as expectations with regards to jobsatisfaction. Thenthe researcher would closely monitor the discussion of the focus group to notedown opinions of the respondents to conclude results.

On the other hand, whenan organization is looking to have answers for the specific problems, andresearch scope is narrow, then quantitative study would be conducted to collectmeasurable data, which is focused on the relevant issue or topic of jobsatisfaction. For instance, when organization is looking to analyzerelationship between job satisfaction and job performance, then quantitativemethod would be used. The researchers can use surveys, polls or questionnairesto get relevant data from the respondents of the research.

For instance, theorganization may choose survey method to collect numerical measurable data fromsample taken from the whole population, and then results of this survey wouldbe analyzed to get results, which were focused by this quantitative study ofjob satisfaction. In short, it can be said that when researchers are lookingfor a broader view of the job satisfaction to get the whole picture, they canuse qualitative research studies, but when they want to have precise andobjective data & measurements to know about a focused issue or topic, thenquantitative research studies can be used. (2)Find existing qualitative and quantitative data for job satisfactionstudies.   Please give me what you canknow about the job satisfaction from the data you found.

  Anything relating to job satisfaction studieswill be fine. I will give you a starting point at Google.            The amount of available dataregarding job satisfaction qualitative & quantitative studies is huge on theweb. It is up to the requirement of an individual that what kind of data isrequired by him/her and for what purposes. There is different range ofqualitative and quantitative data is available analyze the existing findingsmade from the research studies, and what further can be researched in future.Looking at the available resources and information associated with jobsatisfaction studies, I focused on one aspect, which was to find out overallviewpoint on job satisfaction around the world.

In more specific terms, I wastrying to find out that what studies have found out in majority about the jobsatisfaction shown by the employees all round the world. And after analyzingthe information from different studies and resources, I concluded that overalljob satisfactions levels have lowered in previous decades, and trend is likelyto continue in future as well.             The available data on the webindicated that majority of employees are not happy with their jobs, which alsoindicates their dissatisfaction from their jobs. According to an articlepublished by Forbes in 2014, most Americans are not happy from their jobs. Thearticle has discussed a report issued by a nonprofit research group named theConference Board. According to this report, 52.

3% American are not satisfiedand happy from their jobs (Adams, 2014).Another qualitative report indicated that in last 30 years or so, the jobsatisfaction levels have gone down. The report stated that indicators of jobsatisfaction like vacation, employment stability, and motivation showed higherpercentages during 1970s as compared to recent times (Toda, 2013).But it was interesting to see in most recent results from the research data,the indications are going in positive direction reading job satisfaction, whichseems to be a good thing for organizations as well as employees. A surveyconducted by SHRM in 2017 showed that 89% employees in United States aresatisfied from their jobs. The important factors for job satisfaction as perthis research were trust between management & employees, respectfultreatment with employees, compensation, benefits etc (SHRM, 2017)(3)Give five examples of open-ended questions by considering basic natures ofhypotheses and research questions of job satisfaction researches. You may giveactual questions from empirical researches on job satisfaction. Please findgood examples!            Looking at previous research studiesand overall analyzing the job satisfaction studies, it is a fact that there canbe range of open-ended questions to find out opinions, feedback and perceptionsof employees that what they think about job satisfaction.

Moreover, it is alsoimportant to understand that these questions can vary from organization toorganization, because it depend on nature of research that what outcomes aredesired by an organization through a job satisfaction study. However, inoverall nature of research, there can be questions, which can be used by any organization.I compiled a list of five example questions, which are specifically related tojob satisfaction research and these questions are open-ended as well:ü  Arethere any tools or resources provided to be more successful at your job? Pleaseexplain in detailü  Whatthe organization can do to make this workplace more efficient/moreproductive/more happier/more desirable?ü  “What is the amount offreedom and independence you have in terms of carrying out your workassignment?” (Li, 2012)ü  “How much does your jobinfluence your personal life, whether inside or outside the organization?”ü   “How much does your job provide direct andclear information about the effectiveness of task performance?” (Li, 2012)ü  Doyou get any recognition/rewards on doing the good work at job? Elaborate withrelevant examples(4)Find one case for your case study on job satisfaction.  Then, summarize the findings of the case ascontrast to the findings of the case you have (PDF file “545 Article forAssignment”).545 Article for Assignment Title: AnEmpirical Test of Job Satisfaction: Antecedents and Satisfaction TypesCase Study on Job Satisfaction Title: JobSatisfaction and Job Performance: A Case Study of Five-Star Hotels in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia            The case study that I have chosenfor this analysis is related to job satisfaction and its relationship with jobperformance. The study described that efficiency and productivity of employeesis necessary for any organization to get good level of performance, and forthis purpose, it is necessary to keep employees satisfied. The study tried tofind out relationship between job performance and job satisfaction. The samplefor this study was taken from three five star hotels of Riyadh city.

91questionnaires were responded out of total 120 questionnaires. The first majorfinding of this study was that job performance was positively related with jobsatisfaction, which proved the primary research hypothesis. The study found outthat when there is change in job satisfaction, the job performance also changedwith it. Moreover, significant influence of job satisfaction was found on thejob performance. Keeping the findings in view, the study recommended tomanagement that they should focus on job satisfaction of the employees, if theywant to get high performance from these employees (Almutairi, Moradi, Idrus, Emami, & Alanazi, 2013)            As contrast to above case study, thestudy “An Empirical Test of JobSatisfaction” tried to look at relationship of job satisfaction with variousother factors like family support, family stress, education etc. The abovementioned study was looking at relationship between job performance and jobsatisfaction. This is the major difference between these two studies.

Thesample for this study was taken from two department stores of United States,and questionnaire was sent to managers as well as sales associates of these twostores. The study found out that job satisfaction is influenced by both familysupport & stress, but family stress is the one, which had more effect onthe job satisfaction. The study also concluded that job satisfaction andexperience also have relationship, whereas education’s effect on jobsatisfaction could not be found.

The study also concluded that whenorganizations construct their model of job satisfaction, it is necessary forthem to consider family stress, experience and family support to be included inthe JS model (Good, Chen, & Huddleston, 1999).   References   Adams, S. (2014).

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An Empirical Test of Job Satisfaction: Antecedents and Satisfaction Types. Journal of Shopping Center Research, 73-89. Li, Q.


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