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Luke HearseyMrs. St.LedgerEnglish 8.6December 15, 2017Title (work on title later) A Canadian man hacked Yahoo, went into court, and pleaded guilty. He had hacked many Yahoo accounts and was an extremely dangerous person. More events like this could happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. The government should strengthen cybersecurity, and possibly monitor recent hackers after their jail time is over. When cybersecurity and information security organizations aren’t strong enough hacking happens. Recently a Canadian man hacked Yahoo user accounts, he then went into court and pleaded guilty. Since this event recently happened, Canada should probably strengthen cybersecurity to prevent further hacking. Last year Yahoo stated that around 500 million user accounts had been stolen two years earlier in a cyberattack (CTV News). The hackers name is Karim Baratov and he is accused of hacking 80 Yahoo accounts and will face 20 years in prison (CTV News).  This was a dangerous event, so Canada should definitely strengthen cyber security to prevent hacking.Something else that should be focused on is identity theft and fraud. Identity theft can be very dangerous and could even ruin a person’s life, if not handled correctly. There are some ways to prevent identity theft from happening. Some ways are, you should only carry cards with information you use, don’t carry your SSN(social security number), secure your information at your home, and you should know where to call if you lose a card (indy media center). There are also many precautions people have already taken to protect themselves. According to “”, “86 percent of those with internet access and debit/credit cards use passwords that contain letters, numbers and symbols for websites that include financial information, 80 percent with a credit or debit card shred statements that contain credit or debit card numbers, and 73 percent always lock their mobile devices when not in use (Cairine Wilson).”  Even though people take precautions identity theft still happens. 75 percent more people are worried about fraud now then they were five years ago (  Stolen information can be used to, access bank accounts, open new bank accounts, transfer balances, apply for loans, make purchases, and hide the hacker’s criminal activity (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Identity theft is a common, but extremely dangerous crime that needs to be focused on.Hacking and cyberattacks in general are just bad crimes. Infact China and Canada agreed to not cyberattack each other (Suksham Sharma). With hacking databases can be breached, identities stolen, government files stolen, and more. Cyberattacks on Canadian businesses have risen 44 percent since 2014 (Shield Networks). Failure to report a breach could incur a $100,000 fine (Shield Networks). Hacking is a serious crime that can cost companies lots of money, and really mess up people’s lives.Any form of hacking ,unless for government or military purposes, is illegal. The government should probably monitor recent hackers after their jail time, for at least one year. It is extremely dangerous and needs to be focused on, always take precautions, and always be careful with items that carry info.

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