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Love story
between Hari and Neha runs in the background. Dramatically Hari falls in love
with Neha when he was jogging in the morning and Neha dashed him with her car.
relationship between Hari and Neha is the most entertaining part of this novel.
Hari’s consciousness gradually divides into two things first, the obsession of marks
in exams, second, the fascination for the company of Neha. Hari describe her
beauty as:

‘Bare female skin on metal is
enormously sexy. There was a dark red nail polish on her toenails, with one or
two toes encircled in weird squiggly silver ringlets that only girls can
justify wearing. I just wanted to keep looking at her feet but she started to
talk.’ (Bhagat 29)

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The relationship
gradually develops between Neha and Hari. The emotional appeal enhances the
impact of the narration and it becomes an emotional account of personal

Neha, like all
girls, is hard to be figured out. Hari finds it difficult to map her mind when
she says, “I like chivalrous men”. (p 45) Hari thinks, “I did not know if it
meant something. I mean, did she want me to be like the men she liked, or did
she like me. Who knows?”(p 45) Neha’s complexity is further noticed when she
doesn’t allow Hari to kiss her back though she herself kisses him five times.
Hari says, “Well, you know how she is. So damn moody all the time, sometimes
she is all cuddly, holds my hand, and acts cozy at the movies. But when I try
something, she stops me and gives me these lectures on how she is a decent girl
I should learn to behave”.(p 80)

Though it is Neha who has
taken initiatives all the time, she does not allow Hari to kiss her even on
their twentieth date. Though she is untraditional and breaks the orthodox
Indian values, initially her Indian self stops her from getting into physical
relation. Though she refuses Hari to kiss, it is Neha who takes initiative
while Hari has withdrawn. On her birthday she herself asks Hari to kiss her as
a birthday gift. But she does not surrender herself completely. She refuses
each time when Hari tries to step forward. In the novel readers get insights
about Neha through Hari’s words. But he is unable to explore her true mind. Bhagat
has uncovered her mind through the letter which reveals that she knows about Hari’s
interest in getting physical. However, Bhagat gives idea about her desire
through the letter. “I feel this guy is only interested in getting physical.
Other girls who have boyfriends tell me all boys are same, want the same thing.
But can I tell you something? Even I want the same… every now and then I get
curious, start imagining what Hari would do if I let him”. (p 134) Many a time,
she refuses getting into physical every time, deep down her mind she is excited
and curious about it. Her traditional brought up stops her from getting
physical while her heart is inclined to it. Neha in Hari’s words is ‘a queen of
contradiction’. Though she is desirous to have sex with Hari, she stops him when
Hari slides his hand from her shoulder to chest in a completely planned but seemingly
unintentional manner when they are kissing each other. She says, “Just kisses. You
know this is wrong”. (144) Neha is the representative of modern girls who take
risk in their relationship. She allows Hari to come her home when she is
home-alone. She doesn’t think much about its consequence. Though she has always
pushed Hari back whenever he would try to get into physical, Neha’s hidden
desire gets a way when they are alone at her home. It is Neha who takes
initiative and finally her desire dominates her traditional brought up. 

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