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Lots of paintings made by the artists of the Byzantine Empire clearly shows a lot ofGreek influence, but the influences of many other cultures are shown in them as well.Many religious buildings from the Byzantine era also clearly have a lot of the style of theGreeks in them.

The reason whya lot of Byzantine paintings andarchitecture appear to have largeamounts of Greek influence inthem is because the areas wherethe cultures were largely involvedwith Christian Orthodoxy and bothcultures also helped make it what is today. Even some of the extremely importantphilosophies that even the emperors of the Byzantine Empire had believed and debatedhad been adopted from the same philosophies of the people of Ancient Greece. Someof the buildings in the Byzantine Empire looked like the architects in that time and erahad referenced the looks and architecture of buildings, temples, and palaces in the timeof Ancient Greece.Roman Influence On Byzantine Art and ArchitectureSince the Byzantine Empire was also technically the Easter Roman Empire, a lot of theart and architecture at the time of the Byzantine Empire had humongous amounts of theinfluence of the Roman Empire in them. A majority of the paintings and other forms ofart in the Byzantine Empire depicted events or people from different time periods inChristianity.

This was because the Byzantine Empire had adopted Christianity as itsofficial religion, just like the Roman Empire had did once before. Not only did the peopleof the Byzantine Empire make tons of religious paintings, they also followed the beliefsand traditions of Christianity, made many churches including the Hagia Sophia, andthey also spread the messageof the Bible. A lot of the primeproducts and materials of theByzantine Empire were almostidentical to the same sort ofproducts and other objects thatthe people of the Roman Empirehad used in the many yearsbefore. A lot of architecture and some styles of the different art forms from the formerRoman Empire can be also be seen, if looked at incredibly closely, many differentbuildings, temples, palaces and such, all varying in different sizes and art styles just likethe many buildings in the Roman Empire, which had fallen many years before.Asian Influence on Byzantine Art and ArchitectureSince the area where the ByzantineEmpire was situated was part of AsiaMinor, there was lots of Asianinfluence on Byzantine culture,especially the art and architecture.

China was one of the major influencesin not just Byzantine art andarchitecture, but European art andarchitecture as a whole. The Chinesewere known for their intricately detailed products, varying from vases to huge,magnificent palaces that mesmerized and caught the eyes of European artists andarchitects, including artists and architects from the Byzantine Empire, which influencedthem to make huge, magnificent temples and palaces of their own. The style and artform of Chinese paintings also had a large influence on Byzantine art, which is visible inthe many paintings that were by artists that happened to be from the Byzantine Empire.Both cultures had a large influence on each other when it came to art, architecture andthe like.

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