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Lord of the flies is a novel written by William Golding which was
published in 1954 a prize-winning book. The author tells the story of British
boys who crashes on a deserted island and how they become savage, killing all
the innocence. They try to form a government for them, make rules to follow
until they get rescued by someone, they take part in different parts to help
each other, make fire as a signal for rescue, 
make shelters, search for food, 
and explore the forest to find the beast to kill it, but their fights
keep going on that they even kill some boys . They fail to stick together and
work together to get rescued.

After a plane crash a boy with fair hair began to take his steps
towards the lagoon. As he was walking towards lagoon a fat boy comes towards
him and starts walking and talking with him. The fat boy said “what is your
name”?  Ralph. The fair boy said. The fat
boy said I am glad you are not calling me what they used to call me at school.

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Ralph asked what was that? “Piggy” said the fat boy. The fair boy made fun of
him and continues to walk. They found a conch shell, and as Ralph blows it all
the other boys on the island gather together. Then a group of boys marches
towards them with black dress and caps on their heads. Then they chose Ralph as
the chief of the boys and Ralph makes jack the leader of the hunters. Ralph,
Jack, Simon and some other boys go to explore the island and they found that
there are no grown- ups.

After coming back they held a meeting to decide responsibilities for
fire, food, and other things. SamnEric took the responsibility of fire, Jack
and his choir said we’ll be hunting. All the boys went up to the mountain to
light the fire. Ralph took piggy’s glasses to start the fire. After they
started the fire piggy angrily said we should make shelter. Simon was the only
boy who was helping Ralph with making the shelters. While the boys were with
jack away from fire, a ship passes from there without noticing them because the
fire was turned off. When the boys came back piggy blames jack for the fire and
jack attacks on piggy and breaks his one side of glasses.

this all, all the boys eats the pig and sings “kill the pig! Cut her throat”,
and then  Ralph calls an assembly again.

There jack promises them if there is a beast he and his choir will protect
them. There piggy claims he doesn’t believe in any beast, and Simon says “maybe
there is a beast…maybe it’s only us”!  In
between this all jack fights with Ralph and he gets apart  from 
Ralph’s tribe and takes some boys with him.

The other morning SamnEric sees the pilot which the considered as a
beast and they ran down to the mountain to tell everyone that the saw the
beast. Then Ralph, jack, Simon, and other boys went to hunt the beast. When
they see the beast they ran down back to the mountain. “!  In between this all jack fights with Ralph
and he gets apart  from  Ralph’s tribe and takes some boys with him.

Jack goes to hunt a pig and leave the head of pig for beast as a gift,
Simon was watching this all and when they went away, simon imagines that the
pig’s head is telling him how foolish he and all the other boys are and also
insane. Simon faints down and after getting his consciousness, he runs down to
the mountain and the boys in the dark night considers Simon as a beast and all
of them attacks Simon and kill him.

Next morning, Ralph cries claiming that they killed Simon, and on the
other side of the island jack made his own tribe and decide to attack Ralph,
piggy, and others for fire. As there planning at night jack and his choir
attacked them and stole piggy’s glasses and because of this attack Ralph and
other boys got injured.

The next morning Ralph, piggy and other boys decides to go to jack and
ask for piggy’s glasses back and to stop all this savage things. Ralph goes up
to jack and asks him to stop all this savages, and to start working together
again. Then, piggy claims that the conch is in my hands so I have the right to
speak but Ralph shouts and says on this side of the mountain conch is nothing,
And then he orders to tie the two twins Sam and Eric. While piggy was speaking
Roger throws a big rock on piggy and kills him. After that Ralph cried and said
you shouldn’t have done that and runs away from there.

After some time Ralph comes back and he finds that now Sam and Eric was
standing as guards, and then he makes a place there to stay closer to them and because
Sam and Eric were the only two boys who were loyal to Ralph they gave some food
to Ralph to eat.

Other day, when Ralph wakes up he sees there is
fire all around the mountain and he tries to go and stop them from doing these
all but then they sees him and starts chasing Ralph to kill him but Ralph
somehow reaches down to the lagoon and sees a officer who thought that they
were playing there on the island and he yells at then saying that what are you
kids doing here. Then Ralph tells him all the things that happened to them.

Then they got rescued and Ralph told them that how they killed Piggy and Simon.

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