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to shed those last few pounds but desperate for something good to eat we have
got you covered welcome to Ms mojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks
for the top five power foods that will help you lose weight a beautiful nice
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videos number five blueberries give me a blueberry sure they may not scream
romance like strawberries but what they lack in sensuality they make up for
with health benefits for starters according to USDA researcher Ronald L Pryor
blueberries deliver more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable they go
a long way in terms of anti-aging properties preventing heart disease and
cancer second blueberries are low in calories and full of important nutrients
in fact a one cup serving only amounts to about 84 calories this makes them the
perfect low-fat snack when you’re craving something sweet finally the
anti-inflammatory quality of blueberries makes them particularly helpful in
reducing muscle pain after exercise going for a run eat a handful of these bad
boys first number four almonds I also learned it’s not a bad idea to keep
almonds in your pocket at all times in case of emergencies they’re not just
good for you but convenient to throw a handful of almonds in a plastic bag or
Tupperware container and you’ve got yourself a healthy pick-me-up on hand at
all times nuts in general are great for weight loss but almonds lead the pack
low in carbs but chock full of fiber and protein to things known for reducing hunger
this tiny brown nut is a quick and easy alternative to the many unhealthy snack
foods you’re likely to be tempted by almonds are also filled with antioxidants
just make sure to get them with the skin on as that’s where many of the
antioxidants reside number three grapefruit a common theme among the foods
found on our list today is that they not only promote weight loss but also
simultaneously deliver a number of long-term health benefits grapefruit is no
exception it all starts with the grapefruits ability to lower your body’s insulin
level which in turn helps curb appetite one serving which is roughly one large
half grapefruit only contains around 53 calories but when combined with other foods
or eaten before a meal it can help your satiation furthermore grapefruit is loaded
with various nutrients and vitamins including vitamin C pectin folic acid and
more generally speaking it is great for heart health looks like it’s time to
start eating this tangy citrus fruit number two salmon eating salmon once a
week isn’t going to magically make you thinner but as one of the leanest
sources of protein at our disposal it should be a staple in your healthy weight
loss diet additionally salmon is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which are
known to help lower your blood pressure while helping to prevent heart attack
and strokes just make sure you weren’t drowning your nutrient-rich dinner in butter
or creamy sauces instead try cooking with a variety of herbs and spices
ensuring that your fish is plenty flavorful but low in calories swap out that
red meat for a piece of wild alaskan salmon on the weekly meal plan and your
body will thank you number one kale you get an amazing serving of vitamin A C B
vitamin K and it’s even more rich in calcium that’s finished packed with
nutrients low in calories and rather tasty kale is truly deserving of the label
superfood this leafy vegetable is overloaded with vitamins powerful
antioxidants and has low energy density something that many call crucial to
weight loss much like spinach another leafy green power food kale is versatile and
can be consumed raw cooked or blended in a smoothie if that’s not enough to
make you swap out potato chips for the baked kale alternative consider these
long-term benefits kale has been known to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk
of cancer it also contains lutein and zeaxanthin which help to promote ocular
health all that to say you should really embrace the green mmm who wants potato
chips I want kale chips do you agree with our picks check out these other great
clips from Ms mojo and subscribe for new videos every day  

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