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Looking back at the 1920’s, alsoknown as the roaring twenties, Walt Disney had a huge impact to many livesliving in North America.

  He will alwaysbe remembered due to his amazing production company “Walt Disney”, and somewherethat many people called “the most magical place of all” Disneyworld orDisneyland, which is located in different parts of the world.  Walt Disney was born on December 5th1901 in Hermosa, Illinois.  He was one ofthe five kids to Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney.  He was a brother to Roy O., Raymond Arnold,Herbert Arthur, and Ruth Flora Disney.  AfterWalt Disney was born, he and his family moved to Marceline Missouri, where hespent most of his childhood, and sold many of his paintings and drawings to hisfriends and neighbors.

  In the year of1911, when Walt was ten years old, his family moved to Kansas City where headvanced his love for trains!  His unclewas a train engineer, so he had always spent a lot of his time at the trainstation.  When Walt was around sixteenyears old, he left school to serve part in World War 2, but was turned down dueto his age.  He then became an ambulancedriver.  The biggest tragedy that the Disneyfamily went through was on November 26 1938, Flora Call Disney, Walt’s motherhad passed away at the age of 70 because of something called Asphyxiation dueto a leak in furnace of their new house. Walt Disney has always been good at both painting and drawing, and has evensold some of his work.  In the year of1919, Walt had become a Commercial Illustrator, and had designed many characters!  Walt Disney’s father was named EliasDisney.  He was a very strict andreligious father that has usually physically abused his children.

  Walt Disney attended three schools; BentonGrammar School, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Kansas City ArtInstitute.  Walt Disney worked a total oftwelve jobs over his life which were an Animator, Entrepreneur, Film Producer,Film Director, Voice Actor, Business Person, Screenwriter, Entertainer,Economist, television, Presenter, Television Producer, and Film Editor!  Walt’s brother, Roy O. Disney was a bigcontributor to the Disney production company.

 From Walt’s mother passing away, almost every single movie that was madefrom the Disney production company did not have any mothers in any of the films,simply from the death of his mother, and showing that some people have to livewithout their mom (or father), an grow up on their own.Ever since Walt was really young, hehad always loved to draw and paint, and sold his art work to neighbors andfriends, but once he joined a commercial illustrator, that is when his drawingsactually got more and more popular.  Eventhough Walt Disney never actually had a mentor or coach to make a difference inhis work, he is said to be one that inspired a lot of people!  When Walt was at the age of 22, he was firedfrom a Missouri newspaper because he wasn’t being creative enough.  While Walt Disney was still alive, he won atotal of twenty-six Academy Awards, and is still holding the record for themost amount of awards won by a single person! In the year of 1925, on July 13th, Walt Disney got married tohis wife Lillian Disney.

  After going allthat Walt went through when he was young, achieving their goal by creating theWalt Disney Company was a huge accomplishment, because it shows that all oftheir work of the jobs they did before paid off.  On top of all of that, Walt’s love for artwas one of the main reasons he live the life that he did!During the years of the 1920’s and1930’s, Walt Disney had made his production company, and gave manyopportunities for people to work for him, and to give them a chance to earnmoney, and share their creativity.  WaltDisney should be remembered because he changed the lives of many people!  He did not just make one of the most popularcompanies ever, but created some of the most memorable movies, televisionshows, and characters that will never be forgotten!  By having such famous characters, storesstarted selling stuffed animals, key chains, and much more!  On top of all of that, Walt Disney’s themeparks are some of the most famous trips for families to go on!  It will always bring families and friendscloser together, and put a smile on everyone’s face!  Walt Disney aimed for children to be the mostinfluenced by this company because the products are the best for children toplay with, and watch on their free time! It was made to prove that dreams really do come true!  Walt Disney’s production company will alwayscontinue to make new films and products because they have so much support fromthere loving fans, and people that love their work!   Till this day, Disney is still coming outwith both new movies and TV shows that are loved by thousands of people!  By Disney still coming out with new forms ofentertainment they are still continuing their expertise, and making sure thatthe memory of the famous Walt Disney still continues on!  When having to produce either a new movie, orTV show, there will always be the cost of equipment, actors/actresses, props,and so on!  Sadly Walt Disney had died onDecember 15, 1966 at the age of 65 years old due to lung cancer.  Walt Disney will always be remembered, andnever forgotten!Walt Disney is a huge figure to manypeople, and is in the hearts of many!  WaltDisney had such an impact on multiple people, and changed a lot of people’slives!  There wouldn’t be some of themost loved movies out for people to watch, and no magical theme parks if it wasn’tfor the one and only Walt Disney!

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