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Looking back at the overall point of view ‘Retailspace arrangement and design is an important feature in promoting the sale of agiven line of fashion design’ (Han , 2003 : 15). Has it’s been discovered byfashion designer using retail design and space has allowed to create good communicationwith their customers and allows the fashion designers to show and express theirwork. And using architects that have the same approach has its been found that Armaniuses the minimalist approach to design his retail design which allows him tocreate space to bring comfort to his retail designs since minimalism style ismore about having less distraction. It believe that collaboration with fashion designerand architect really helps to achieve a successful design since each of the architectsand fashion designer brings all their  sameideas together to create something unique.

Retail design stores are always characterisedby unique entrances, which sometimes offers a simplicity effect which leave it tohave a feeling comfort in the environment for the costumer to feel in peace. ora more use of objects use that creates a telling stories that the fashion designerwant the customer to explore and have a curiosity mind about it . Besides, inall every fashion design has a different approach with their style as pointed outArmani stores are more of a natural touch to the environment with light on the windowdisplay which glows on the garments which enhance the look of his retail spacenot just that only its believed that the light are always focus on the object thatArmani want his customers to look on.

Which it’s been discovered that theminimalist retail architecture design which was designed by his lead architectSilvestrin has always aimed to use simple natural material elements to create ashopping experience for the customer to not feel distracted. On the other hand,Prada approach to retail space design is exactly opposite of what’s been seenin the stores owned by Armani. Prada embraces modernity in her design of herretail store and combines various elements to bring in a classy outlook withinthe store with reference of her life of politic which she tells a story and makeher retail store have distraction. Koolhaas is one of the leading architectsthat have worked with Prada to develop different fashion stores across theglobe. Koolhaas uses complex and high-end products to create a shoppingexperience when designing the retail store. Through the combination of varioustechnologies, the architect can design new and improve outlet that meets theneed of the costumer. However, Koolhaas designs have some flaws includinginadequate lighting and waste of retail space.

Despite these negative elements,Koolhaas can develop a world-class retail shop that portrays an image of interestingtheme objects and luxury on the minds of the customer by distracting and givingviews. ‘The primary aim behind the design of retail shops should focus onimproving customer experience and ensuring each customer is well taken care offrom the time they enter the store to the time they depart…’ (Pecoraro and Uusitalo,2014: 450). Regardless of, the different architectural styles, both Prada andArmani collaborate with architects to create unique retail space that can leaveoutstanding memories on a costumer’s mind. These two fashion designers investtime, money and resources in developing and innovating new retail store designsthat improve the customer experience.

By improving the customer experience, thecompany can record high sales through customer loyalty, desire in buying andthe new customer that enter. It is, therefore, very important for fashiondesigners to collaborate with architects  when designing their retail spaces as thismove helps create a long lasting retail store and shopping experience for acustomer’s.

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