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Looking at the factors in the lecture that I read I would say that the war could have been won by either side in the beginning. It was not clear as to which side would win, though we often think that the North had a major advantage. In actuality, each side had advantages and disadvantages that evened out the chance for winning the war. Taking a moment let’s look at some of these advantages and disadvantages.

The North was much larger population wise. It had 22.5 million people, which was more than double the South’s population. It also had a considerably superior economy.

The north had almost ten times the number of businesses and workers in those businesses then did the South. The North also had greater production in many of the things that were key to wars such as iron, weapons, draft animals, ships etc. One of the final things I am going to mention about the North is that Lincoln was more open-minded to new ideas and allowed his generals the authority to do what they needed to do. Davis, the South’s president, probably due to his extensive military training, was not as likely to allow his generals such authority.             The South, however, also had many distinct advantages.

They had two military schools in the South. This provided the Confederate States of America with 1700-2000 more trained officers. So, in the end the South had better military leadership than the North did. The South had a better grasp of the geography than the North because they were defending their home ground. They also had better river and bay access than the North. This would be important for moving supplies and troops, which could be a huge advantage. Finally, one of the bigger points is the South was defending its home. This gives them a drive to protect their families, farms, and communities.

This is something the North didn’t have whatsoever. These are a few of the advantages of each side. 

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