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London has always been a source ofattraction for the world and a center spot for the tourists. In order to escapefrom the chaos and hectic routine of daily life, a person may prefer to opt fora break or a short vacation.

The number of people who choose to go to Londonfor a city break is alarming. But the question arises, as to why choose Londonfor a city break?London is famous for its beautifullandscape and busy streets. The most famous and my favorite spot in London isthe Warner Bros Studios where “Harry Potter” was filmed. It gathers a largecrowd every year on the day it was filmed and let the fans go inside forletting them view the props and set up of the franchise. Other than that,London has its ravishing river, the River Thames, where people enjoy ascintillating view in the glorious weather. It is a nice picnic spot forcouples, families, group of friends and even for solo travelers. London has itsbusy streets where no traveler can have a dull time in just walking around. Thereare famous designer and interior shops in London which no place can compete.

It’sa perfect place to shop and get souvenirs to take back home. The street food ofLondon is also delighting and is generous in categories and quantity. Londonalso has its various art galleries, including the old police station.

The pubsin London are ancient and traditional which dates back to 1950s. Apart from allits cultural and landscape attractions, London also has its own underwateraquarium. The deep sea aquarium allows the people to see different sort ofexotic marine lives, like sharks, manta rays, eels, etc from the depth of seasbehind the glass. London also has its most spooky history, on which the ‘LondonDungeon’ is launched, where people may experience spine chilling horror ridesand plays and see the props of the torture chambers which was once there.

London has everything which may amuse everyone and make them all have a goodtime. But apart from just entertainment, London also carries a huge politicalimportance. Here, the British monarch coronations are held in the Westminster abbey,where people might even have a glimpse of the Royal family. ¬†Also, the Parliament of the United Kingdom islocated in London. Conclusively, the answer to ‘whychoose London for a city break?’ is because London is famous for its radianceand a full of life abode which pulls a person to itself and urges them to stay therea bit longer and bask in the happiness of its glorious landscapes. London haseverything a person needs to see and enjoy to its fullest, which by all chanceincreases its tourism rate. Anyone can be lucky enough to go there and have thetime of their lives.

Moreover, one can also bump into their favoritecelebrities there if they’re lucky enough.

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