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 Lobster is the most profitable shellfish caught in Canada despite the fact that fishing is an extremely important part of Nova Scotia’s economy. A considerably bigger part of Nova Scotia’s industry is Lobster fishing. Back then lobster was a source of food for only the poorest portion of the population living along the coast.   Overfishing is an issue for the Canadians and as well as for the entire world. Thousands of individuals have left the fishing for work in different parts of the world. Additionally, there is a developing evidence that the expanded volume of fishing positively worldwide is having a very crucial effect on the health of the oceans. Everyday, billions of individuals around the globe depend on fish as a direct source of food and methods of money but killing these unintended species can have a critical effect on the marine ecosystem.   Aquaculture, the farming of fish and seafood is a growing industry and now contributes a significant addition to the fishing industry, both in terms of production and jobs. Aquaculture raising and harvesting fish and other aquatic life water controlled conditions in ponds or confined bodies of water is a different occupation. Lobster are now an important part of the Canadian aquaculture sector. Although, there are serious challenges facing the aquaculture industry in Canada in and expanding opportunity in an industry that can be socially, economically and environmentally.   The world’s largest caught lobster was set in Nova Scotia and the value was $680.5 million in 2013, $662.8 million 2012. Fish catchers use baited traps placed on the bottom of the sea so they get more lobsters. Then the species exported around the world to an additional 50 countries. Also, the world’s largest caught lobster was set in Nova Scotia. Since the past years, people were fishing more than enough so the current allowable catch for the fishery is 720 tons. Therefore, Canada benefits from lobster fishing by gaining money.    Overall, lobster populations in Canada are healthy and sustainably managed.The fishing industry is declining in recent times because overfishing the ocean for many years.In my opinion, we should stop fishing because the species might be distinct.

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