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“…lle… helle… Shelle!” I heard Braxton calling my name from the outside. I opened up my eyes, to only be surprised the sudden gesture. He. Hugged. Me.”Kyaaa!” I accidentally squeaked aloud.”O-Oh sorry. Too tight?” He loosened his grip on my torso.”N-No. It’s ok, you c-can hug tighter if you want,” I looked around to see myself lying on one of the school infirmary beds, “Why am I here?””You were hyperventilating. You ended up screaming and passing out. Did you take your meds today?””Yeah. I made sure,” My voice faltered in confusion. I checked my skirt pocket. It was empty. “I-I guess I didn’t. They’re not here…” I could’ve sworn I took them with me!Braxton heaved a sigh, “Well, at least you’re ok. I was really worried about you ya know,” He looked at me with a sympathetic look. I saw his cheeks turn slightly red.I looked over behind Braxton to see Mrs. Kankoshi. She’s our nurse. Her real name is Nasu, and we’re best friends. She’s really young to be a nurse, so she’s only eighteen. Apparently, Nasu attended college at age ten.”Shelle! Thank goodness you’re awake dear! I was getting worried we might have to take you to the hospital~!” Nasu is awfully cheerful today, isn’t she…Nasu hopped over and hugged me super tight.”C-Can’t breathe!” I gasped for air.”Ah gomen gomen!” She pulled away before smiling at me. I wonder what kind of toothpaste she uses, because dang her teeth are brighter than the sun.”I-It’s fine. Just be a little more careful ok?” She nodded. I looked over to her curtains. Of course they were rainbow, everything she owns is practically rainbow. I guess it makes sense, she is bisexual after all….”The day is over ya know. Maybe we should start heading home,” Braxton commented. I looked over to him. He was looking out the window.”Sure,” I replied. I hopped off the bed. My arm mOvEd oN iT’s oWn, and hit the wall on accident. It’s normal though. Sometimes my body mOvEs oN iT’s oWn, and mAkEs nOiSeS oN iT’s oWn. I believe they’re called mOvEmEnT and vOcAl tIcS.”Are you ok?” Braxton asked. Gosh, I hate his worried face. He looks too sad.”Yes, I’m fine. It’s just a side effect, because I apparently forgot to take my medicine this morning. It’s nothing to be concerned about,”Braxton sighed, “Ok. Well c’mon, we don’t want to be past curfew. It’s already 6 PM.”I pushed open the door. Creeeaaakkkkk…I emerged from the room. It was silent, apart from a familiar sound. Ominous static. I once again chose to ignore it, it might just be one of the TV’s in the faculty room that lost signal again.Braxton then decided that he should scare me, so he ran up behind me. He tried to push me, but instead I grabbed his arm and yanked him to the floor.It was involuntary, I didn’t mean to. I felt something around us. Like something was watching…I felt a sharp pain, and my vision blurred. I caught a glimpse of what had injured me.A blue flame.It floated towards my head, and seemed to go inside. I held my head in my hands. I felt warm liquid run down my face. I seemed to be crying. But I never cry.”B-Braxton, you hate me don’t you?” I didn’t say that! It was the flame Braxton! Please help me, it hurts!”W-What?” He stuttered. His face showed signs of disbelief in ‘my’ actions.”You heard me! You hate me, don’t you? Everyone else does!” Stop it! Please leave me alone flame!”Flame? I’m not a flame, you idiot! I’m a spirit. Good lord you’re stupid.” The voice called from inside my head.”What are you talking about? I’m not stupid!””Says the one who failed to activate.””Activate?” I questioned.”You’ll find out soon enough, my dear. For now, I will leave. But heed my warning child.He will come to take you awayFor which you cannot stayThe world is dangerousPlease bewareOf the troublesThat will soon give you despairFight him!Defeat him!Before it is too lateOr eLsE yOu wIlL dIe aT tHe tImE oF eIgHt.”I saw the spirit fly out of my head and into to air, and disappeared. I looked over to see a terrified Braxton, frozen in fear.”B-Braxton? What’s wrong?” I asked, moving closer to him.”Blood.” He pointed to the middle of my forehead, which was spurting blood from the wound. I looked surprised. I grabbed a bandage from my pocket and tied it around my head. I moved closer, showing him my forehead.”Is it sealed all the way?””Y-Yeah,” His cheeks were tinted pink. I offered my hand, and this time he took the offer. I pulled him up, and our bodies were really close, almost touching. His heat was so welcoming, but romance must wait. Die at the time of eight, huh? I wonder what day. I was still holding his hand without realizing, and we continued to walk down the hall. With every step, the sound bounced around, off the walls, ceiling, and floor, reverberating in our ears.”So, why did you pull me down, and start to cry? And why did you ask if I hated you?””Number one, you scared me, number two, that wasn’t me. It was one of the “blue flames” I tell you about. They’re actually spirits,””Hmm. Well you are a schizo so it makes sense,” He looked up at the ceiling in wonder, “but why did the spirit go in your mind?””It had to tell me something. It had a poem to tell me.”He will come to take you away, for which you cannot stay. The world is dangerous, please beware, of the troubles, that will soon give you despair. Fight him! Defeat him! Before it is too late. Or else you will die at the time of eight.”” I replied.”If I was allowed to cuss, I’d so say a word right now. The s-h word. Ya know, the one that ends in i-t.” I laughed.——– We eventually made our way to the road we both live on. Braxton is just a few houses down from me anyway. I saw the pink slivers of cherry blossom float past my face. Springtime is amazing. Is this the time to confess to Braxton? I’ll try it… “Hey B-Braxton…?” I asked with my face lowered. My face instantly heated up. “Yeah?” “I-I…” The door to Braxton’s house flew open, to reveal Braxton’s mom, “Braxton! You’re home! I’m sorry I didn’t realize hun!” I looked at her with a glare, “Nevermind Braxton. I’ll tell you tomorrow, I guess,” I muttered with a sigh, “See ya,” I started walking down the sidewalk, and went up the steps that lead to my door. “Um bye,” Braxton waved, and looked confused. “C’mon hun! I need to take you shopping!” Braxton’s mom dragged him to the car.”No! Good lord save me! No more shopping!” Braxton started crying. I laughed lightly. He’s such an idiot. I opened my door and my dog rushed at me. He pounced on me with such a force I fell back into the wall. I managed to close the door in the preocces. TJ licked my face like I was his bowl of water. While my kitten Ziggy cocked his head and continued grooming himself. I pushed TJ off of me, so I could at least stand. “Mom? Are you home?” I called out. “Yes honey! I’m baking cauliflower!” My mom replied. I tried walking past TJ. He takes up nearly the whole hallway, so it was really hard to walk past him. I was scrunched up against the wall, while TJ just looked at me with his signature derp face. I walked into the kitchen. The small of cauliflower being baked was heavenly. I looked at the time. It was 7:30 PM. It’s almost 8, I thought in my head. The spirit never actually specified what time ‘he’ would take me. I hope it’s not now. I haven’t co- I felt a sharp pain in my eyes. I looked around, my vision blurring once again. I want this to stop! I fumbled around the house, looking for my medicine. I fell to the floor with a large thud. My throat was closing, or more like swelling. I couldn’t breathe. I was choking, on the one thing that kept my body alive. Air. I grabbed at my throat to see if anything was there. There wasn’t so instead of dying, I managed to get to the bathroom, where my medicine was hiding from me. I opened my cabinet, and took out the bottle full of liquid. I found a syringe and put the liquid inside. I stabbed myself in the arm and injected the serum. My throat opened once again, and I gasped for air. I felt hot liquid coming from my stomach, which found its way out of my mouth. The crimson red liquid was a sign of internal damage.”I fOuNd yOu mY dEaR sUbJeCt~ YoU wIlL rEtUrN fOr yOuR tEsTiNg~””I don’t w-want t-“”WhAt mAkEs yOu tHiNk iT’s a cHoIcE?””I-I make my own choices. I ch-choose what path I-I take. I’m n-not an object.” Someone, anyone, save me…”Shelle!” Braxton yelled, obviously alarmed, “Who is that?!”I looked over to him, and said one simple word, “Help.”Braxton looked over to the one who I could not see. He took out his pocket knife and went in for the attack.”Do nOt gEt iNvOlVeD bOy!”I saw Braxton right above me. I saw several flickers of light, and Braxton looking at me.”I-I’m sorry. I-I c-couldn’t help y-you,” His voice turned into a scream.There was a large explosion of red fluids and guts. I couldn’t see Braxton anymore.”B-Braxton? W-Where did you go?” I heard the person laugh maniacally.”He iS nO lOnGeR a dIsTuRbAnCe dEaR~ I sLiCeD hIm tO pIeCeS~”I heard him laugh again. My throat made the most toe curling howl ever to be heard.A System Failure Has Occurred… Rebooting…Please wait…COMPLETE.

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