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live in a media orientated world. Film and television have been, and continue to be, hugely
influential in just about every area of my life. I am fascinated by every aspect of film, from the
way in which various creative industries lead in the process of production, to the way in
which they are received by the audience, and the impact they can have on cultures,
societies and individual lives. Having built a foundation of both theoretical and practical
knowledge of the media, film and filmmaking process for my diploma, I am seeking to gain
more developed knowledge and wider experience that will allow me to grow professionally in
this inspiring and exciting industry.

I am determined to turn this passion into a career. I have chosen to pursue an
undergraduate degree in filmmaking, in order to gain a thorough overview of theory and
practice in all forms of cinematography. During my Diploma, I have completed a number of
practical filmmaking modules and film projects, and I believe that the broader, multimedia
approach of the course has shaped me into a more creative talent. My college has given me
the freedom, resources and knowledge within camera, lighting and sound work, and I am
eager to learn more. Film is the medium that inspired me most and I have taken advantage
of many opportunities to gain more practical experience, even in my personal life, for
example, filming and editing my holiday experiences. I have also photographed and filmed
family celebrations, which have provided an outlet for exploring wider aspects of practical
filmmaking. I have discovered that filming on a DSLR camera presents certain limitations,
and I am pleased that my undergraduate studies will let me gain access to a range of
cinematic cameras similar to those used in the film industry; this excites me and will help
craft my skills for the future.

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My experiences of filmmaking throughout my Diploma have also led to me becoming
involved with other projects amongst friends and fellow students. I have undertaken a range
of production roles, which have allowed me to gain experience of working as a Producer and
Director, whilst using various shooting and editing equipment. I believe that my natural flair
for organisation, remaining calm under strict deadlines, and communicating well with other
members of my team, means that I would be well suited to these roles as future career
options. Attending several higher education open events has led me to consider roles such
as Director, Producer and Screenwriter, and although I am committed to a career in film, I
remain open-minded about which specific roles in the industry I may pursue in the future.

There is no doubt in my mind that a degree in this subject will be hugely significant for my
future. I cannot think of a venture more deserving of my time than the study of film. This
decision comes not just from a love for film and creative media, but also an appreciation for
their importance within our lives. An example of this is Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” which gave me
the inspiration to create videos addressing issues which often remain unspoken in society. 

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