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Lightning Car Company, Inc. is a startup,
located in the United States, established to develop and produce all-electric
cars. The company is trying to revolutionize the automobile industry, by
attacking the widespread pollution caused by traditional internal combustion
engines. Lightning Car Company aims to produce a car that will be an affordable
and practical alternative to those cars with internal combustion engines. And
they have found the advancements in technology in order to do so-by creating a
batter that would reduce the cost of manufacturing electric cars and increase
the cars’ driving range. However, because Lightning was recently formed, the
company incurred operating expenses much higher than they predicted to produce
the battery technology. This nevertheless alarmed Wall-Street firms and the
overall automotive industry, thus causing the company to no longer receive investing
capital needed to expand the business. Recently, the Chief Development Officer
Billy Michell offered a solution to Lightning’s lack of investing capital: to
relocate battery manufacturing to the Federal Asian Republic (FAR). However,
the battery operations cause high levels of water and air pollution, which will
be detrimental to FAR’s natural resources, and main source of industry. He submitted
this proposal to the Chief Executive Officer of Lightning, Wilbur Write, and
Mr. Write held a meeting with numerous executives in order to weigh his options
regarding this decision. Although Far will become negatively impacted by battery
operations coming to their small country, the benefits of the company, and
world, outweigh the downsides. I believe that Lightning Car Company should move
their batter manufacturing operations to the Federal Asian Republic.

Lightning has the power to completely
revolutionize the automobile industry, by attacking a problem that has been a
problem ever since automobiles were first made. Since the idea of electric cars
first came out, no company has successfully been able to combat the high
expenses and frequent recharging of batteries, but Lightning finally has. If
Lightning were to finally be able to expand its business and receive the
necessary investing capital, I first believe that Lightning would truly make an
impact to combat the pollution traditional combustion engines cause is
completely detrimental to the world as a whole. When considering the global
benefit of eliminating engine pollution, in my opinion this decision becomes
rather easy. This is supported by John Mill’s theory of Utilitarianism,
specifically Act Utilitarianism. It is proven that the car exhaust is a major
contributor to climate change, global warming, and that the pollutants cause a
large number of case of heart and lung disease, as well as premature deaths
each year. Under Utilitarianism, the goal of an action is to maximize utility,
overall happiness and wellbeing. An
action is deemed ‘right’ from an ethical point of view if the sum total of
utility produced by that action is greater than the sum total of utility
produced by any other action the agent could have performed in its place. CDO Michell
argues a Utilitarian approach, that as part of his cost-benefit analysis, the
elimination, or at the very least minimization, of air and water pollutants
globally outweighs the harmful effects the battery operations will cause for
FAR. His idea supports universalism, in that, the globe will universally
benefit by this. Specifically, under Act Utilitarianism, the decision to move
operations to FAR will create more good than harm. Although FAR’s natural
resources will immediately become negatively impacted, due to only a small area
and population, these negative side effects will only be limited to FAR.

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There are three options the executives
of Lightning can choose: staying in the United States, establishing operations
in FAR, or choosing the compromise CGAO Amelia Airheart proposed, moving
operations to FAR but imposing some pollution control to limit the harm to FAR.
I believe that by staying the United States, in addition to causing harm to
more people, the company is negatively impacted financially as well. If
Lightning cannot receive the funds to expand its business and pay off its debt,
then Lightning could never even develop the advancing technologies, which could
never potentially benefit the environment. It would be much cheaper for the
company to move operations overseas, and it will allow the firm to pay off its
debts. Also, as Chief Regulatory Jimmy Duelittel said, the firm cannot
compromise and implement an environmental control system because that will also
be too expensive for Lightning. These two factors support Milton Friedman’s
Shareholder Theory. Also, under Shareholder Theory, from a corporate
perspective, the firm does not have the social responsibility regarding the
impact of their operations. It is rather up to the government to decide what to
do about the company’s operations. However, what makes this decision rather
complicated is considering just how badly FAR will be impacted. The Federal
Asian Republic is a very scarcely populated area, home to fertile land and
clean water that provides the country with its main source of industry for its
economy-farming and fishing. Also, the people of FAR strictly believe in
pantheism, the belief that nature itself is divine and all natural wonders are
holy. These two factors put Lightning’s corporate social responsibility into
question. Lightning must decide if it is ethically justified to move its
battery operations to FAR, which can be deliberated under Stakeholder Theory.
As previously mentioned, the wellbeing of FAR will be completely destroyed. Critics
to my opinion could also state that this choice intentionally does harm to FAR,
which is supported by DeGeorge’s first guidelines for multinational
corporations. However, I believe that moving to FAR is justified because the
firm is not a government entity, that is, it is up to the government to stop
operation in FAR if they believe pollution is too bad for FAR’s wellbeing.

Although FAR will be negatively
affected, I believe that the positives of moving to FAR for the company and
globe as a whole outweigh the negatives. The company will be financially
supported, become a successful firm, and the more money could lead to even more
advancements, that would add even more benefits to society as a whole. If FAR
was really being several impacted, I believe it is the government’s responsibility
to stop operations, not Lightning’s. With an increase in investing capital
overtime, I believe Lightning could potentially find a new country, or return
back to the US, for their battery operations. But that aside, I think a domino
effect could even occur overtime. Other companies will be influenced by the
overwhelming success of Lightning, and start to develop their own electric
cars, which could then benefit the environment and global population even more.

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