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Letter of Recommendation


I have known Vishav Vijay Singh as a student of Mechanical Engineering during his undergraduate study at college and I am very pleased to write him a Recommendation Letter for his admission to a Masters Course in Mechanical Engineering. I have taught him subjects of Applied Thermodynamics in 2nd year and Industrial Fluid Power in 4th year.

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From all the interactions and discussions I had with Vishav, I found him sharp, perceptive and quick with high technical aptitude. His active involvement in classroom discussions and habit of relating the theoretical concepts to real-life applications have strengthened his basics and helped to develop a better understanding of engineering principles. He has performed consistently well in academics achieving First Class during all 4 years of studies which showed his seriousness and desire to excel.


In his 4th year, I was his faculty guide for B.E project titled “Detection of surface cracks on tires using Digital Shearography”. In that project, he led a team of 3 students to design a test fixture capable of performing Digital Shearography (NDT method) to detect surface cracks/defects on automotive tires. This was an industry based project sponsored by local manufacturing unit of “Apollo Tyres”. The team started their work with designing a concept model and then performed preliminary design calculations using MATLAB. Considering real-time load cases, Vishav had performed structural analysis using ANSYS-FEA and hence, optimized the shape and size of the fixture assembly. His idea of using an Integrated Hydraulic Actuation Mechanism to manipulate fixture orientation and alignment was approved by the company. He then designed the hydraulic schematic using Hydraulic Actuators, Direction Control Valves and Accumulators. Their work on this project was highly appreciated and the final design was accepted by “Apollo Tyres”.


During the project work, I had observed Vishav closely. His work demonstrated his ability to understand and investigate a problem using multiple approaches. His idea of automating the fixture reflected his knowledge and interest he has in the field of innovation.  His commitment towards the work was evident from the efforts he had put in the research study of the project.  In parallel with the coursework, Vishav went beyond the project requirement and along with his team had successfully presented a technical paper in the “International Conference of Global Technology Initiatives” organized by Rizvi College of Engineering, Mumbai.


Besides academics, Vishav has also been an active participant in various extracurricular activities. He was a member of the team which represented the college in the national level BAJA-SAE vehicle design competition. He was also the captain of department football team in his 3rd and 4th year. These experiences have helped him to develop qualities of team work and work management which was clearly visible during his B.E. Project.


Vishav’s good academic record with experience of working on real-world projects has increased his technical competency and hence made him a perfect candidate for research studies. Therefore, in my full capacity as Professor, I strongly recommend Vishav Vijay Singh for a Masters Course (Graduate Program) in field of Mechanical Engineering at your university.


R.B. Gurav (Professor – Mechanical Engineering)

Email: [email protected]

Ph No (M): +917350057110

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