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Let’s first see what is computing in a general we can define it to mean any goal-oriented activity
requiring or creating computers. So computing includes designing and building
software and hardware systems for a wide range of purposes, structuring,
processing and managing various kind of information or doing scientific studies
using computers also to make computer systems behave intelligently or creating
and using for communications and entertainment media or to find and gather information
relevant to particular purpose, and so on. The term “computing”  many times synonymous with
counting and calculating. In olden days, it was used in reference to any action
performed by mechanical computing

Computing can be conventional or
intelligent. Simply we can say a conventional computing is based on particular
sets of instruction (algorithm) to solve given problem and it can’t solve any
problem for which it haven’t instructions. Whereas intelligence computing usually refers to the ability of the computer (machine) to
learn a specific task or solve a problem from data or experimental observation
and it can make new algorithm to solve new problems.

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To check whether a given solution is intelligent or not we
can use Turing test for artificial intelligence. A Turing Test is a method of inquiry for determining
whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human being. In a
person is asked to choose which is computer and which is human by asking
questions through chatting. But
now a day Turing test can easily be fooled so in
consideration of Turing test’s inherent weaknesses, number of people have
suggested ideas on how the Turing test could be modified, or replaced
altogether. From this new methods one of them is Winograd Schema
Challenge. In this it presents a number of
multiple choice questions within specific format. I am using a example from link :

     Q: The trophy would not fit in the brown
suitcase because it was too big (small). What was too big (small)?

Answer 0: the trophy

Answer 1: the suitcase

The answers to
these questions seem pretty simple if you’re a human.  For answering this
correctly requires skills that remain elusive for computers, such as spatial
and interpersonal reasoning or common sense.

Well to see if
the given solution is intelligent or not all we need to check is if it can
learn from its previous mistake to solve new problem on its on.





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