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Let’s start with the basics for theuninitiated:To claim that the Easybeats, whofirst incarnated in Sydney in 1964, were one of very first real rock and rollbands in the Southern hemisphere is a statement that would be hard to refute.What was happening in the old world,specifically in the wake of The Beatles, who caused the phenomenon that becameknown as the “British Invasion”, had an immense impact on the original membersas all of their familiar had European heritage and they channeled their influencedto create an ailment called “Easyfever”, which was the Aussie equivalent to”Beatlemania”.

 Fast waaaaay forward and enterEmpire Touring, who made it their mission to bring you music from The Easybeatsand Steve Wright, performed by Australia’s rock n roll royalty: Chris Cheney,Phil Jamieson, Kram, Tex Perkins & Tim Rogers. This full-blown musicalexperience is bound to resonate with music aficionados.The Easybeats left an undeniablemark on Australian music history by becoming the first local band to generatean international hit. They steered a new era of people away from mainstreammusic culture.The musical emissions of TheEasybeats resonate loudly until the present day, with current page deliberatelytaking a page or two off the Easybeats’ book and aficionados never havingwavered.To say that The Easybeats’ legacy looms large is an understatement per se andtonight’s show was well executed and curated homage to their aggression andfinesse, the sexuality and cheek that has been a template for any band that theprotagonists of the evening have been involved in, which showed as they reveledin the opportunity to pash and bash the living hell out of the tunes.The show was backed by theextraordinary Easyfever band comprised of The Whitlams’ Jak Housden Ashley Naylor from Even, Baby Animals’ veryown Dario Bortolina, Dave Hibbard, known from his collaborations with JoeBonamass,  Divinyls’ Clayton DoleyDivinyls and headed by The Living End himself Chris Cheney, Phil Jamieson whowill also head Green Day’s American Idiot musical down under, Tim Rogers of YouAm I, Spiderbait’s Kram the ever entertaining Tex Perkins, which culminated ina multi-headed supergroup par excellence capable of honouring Australia’s firstinternational rock band.Each of the frontmen brought theirunique swagger to the stage and magical moments were created with permutationsof duets with the total of the evening becoming even bigger than the sum of theindividual constituents would have you believe.

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