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Leslie ZunigaCollege English Spindler December 13, 2017 Is Technology Good or Bad For Us? Technology has been around for a very long time now. In some way or another, it’s been a part of people’s lives nowadays whether it’s cell phones, tv, computers, tablets, we all own one or more of these things. Digital electronics started between the late 1950’s and 1970’s. According to Forbes, the first document which included the discussion of building a computer was on June 30, 1945. Back in the day, technology wasn’t as popular or used as it is now. It amazes me to see how much it has grown. From box Tv’s to flat screen tv’s to smart tv’s that can connect to other online sites such as youtube, and netflix. Phones have gone from house phones, to flip phones, to smartphones. It’s hard to believe sometimes how far technology has grown. Technology overall, is good for high school, college students. It helps them in many ways one is being able to do research online. My question has always been whether technology is good or bad for younger generations by Dr. Manny Alvarez. As said by him, “nearly every modern parent has given a tablet or smartphone to a child for entertainment.” By entertainment he means letting them watch movies, and cartoons. Almost every parent that I know has done this at least once. A lot has to do with the baby being grumpy and parents using technology as an entertainment for them to not cry. Alvarez does state that parents allowing their children to use their smartphones or tablets a couple times in a month is okay, but being used everyday can actually affect the child in many ways, one being their sight. Also, Alvarez states it can also affect the way a child acts around other people, including family members, due to the child always being on their parents devices. The ways it can affect the child differ from the child’s actions with parents and siblings, to fighting over who gets to use the device. There are certain ways a child can have fun on a device while still learning something. For example, a limited time on a device learning colors, numbers can actually improve the child’s development. In the article “New Research Answers Whether Technology is Good or Bad for Learning” by Michael Horn. For a very long time, everyone questioned whether technology was good, or if it was an improvement for learning. Now, research has found the answer to that. To many, technology is an issue when it comes to learning, for example, many teachers believe it gets in the way of students education. As said on the article, “In 2008, computers had been around for two decades. Even 10 years ago, we had already spent over $60 billion on them in K–12 schools in the United States to little effect.” There are certain limits when it involves bringing or borrowing a computer from or to school. Having a computer, ipad or something that can easily be accessed to write essays, do slideshows or presentations can actually come in very handy. Its very easy to do research papers, and slide shows when there’s access to some type of device. For the younger generations, there are other ways to teach them without involving technology and still having fun. If they’re getting taught to have fun with technology while they’re still young can have them grow up to think that technology can be used for anything, which can actually be done. If there’s wifi and a device, it is easy to get access to many things, from social media, to games, to histories of many people and things, to pages underaged people should not be on. Technology not only has been an important role in schools, but also within families. Technology can definitely come between families. In a lot of the cases, devices are even being used in the table while eating. In this visual, there is a family of  seven people and one dog. The dad in this picture is on his phone, from his facial expression. He looks very bored. The mom in the picture is listening to music, she looks relaxed. The boy next to her, seems like he is very entertained on a phone. The girl next to the boy, is listening to music and on a computer, and the other girl is as well listening to music and on another computer. She says “Isn’t it great to have some quality time with the family.” She herself looks very bored, it looks like she wants everyone off their phone and actually spend quality time with one another. Last but not least, they have a dog and the dog too is on a tablet and, in the tablets screen, it looks like he has twitter open. Above the family, there is a picture frame of what looks like a phone and next to the dad is a bird which is also on a phone. In conclusion, I believe technology is good for us when it has its limits. By this, I mean that I don’t think it’s at all healthy for a family to sit on a couch and everyone be on some type of device, even the animals. It is incredible to see how much technology has grown. Although, it is very helpful when it comes to high school and college students using it.

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