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League of nation was a failure because Japan did not follow the rules by invade Manchuria. The League was disbanded not overnight, but rather gradually. The main reason for this may be that the united states has not been able to lend a equivalent amount of money since the Great Depression. United states did not join the league of nations. Without American support sanctions would be useless for league. It was severely divided during World War 1, and the United states did not even think about global peace and understanding ever since. Germany was not allowed to join the League in 1919. League of nations can do only listened to the chinese claims. Japan had invaded manchuria without declarations of war, what did league do, Japan left League. During 1931, Japan had invaded manchuria without declarations of war and break the rule because Japan had a highly developed industry but they do not have enough natural resources. So Japan went to manchuria for oil and rubber to fill its own products. At the time, china asked the league of nations to move japan out of china. Unfortunately , all they could do was say yes or no. it did not have a big influence on japan.They had to appease Japan from going to China. Another reason was that Lytton Committee took far too long over its report so it was too late to do anything for China.Britain was afraid of Japan and was reluctant to use its soldiers. Japan tried to protect the US economy, the government imposed import duties, between 1929 and 1931 Japan’s economic output dropped 30 percent, and they did not have money to buy enough food. Why did Japan have to invade China? Because when 1929 came, Japan was were severely depressed and U.S. partners who exchange dealings with Japan have to stopped trading with Japan,so Japan had to find a place to get resources for them.That’s why Japan had to invaded manchuria. League of nations could not do nothing, and impose sanctions as japan’s trading partner was the US, and Britain was worried that sanctions would harm British trade. Britain made a lot of money  by trading with Asian countries and they did not want to affect to japan. The league has also discussed banning the sale of weapon to japan because they were worrying about Japan’s retaliation. So Britain and France did not intend to endanger their military or war with Japan. To one’s amazement, only the united states and the Soviet Union would have the resources to move the japan from Manchuria even they were not member of the league. So the league did nothing to support China and of course japan ruled Manchuria and invaded China more. Why league of nations failed because they did not have its own military and depended on member states to act.  However, no members were ready for the war and did not want to prove their military aid. Alliance thought they took away countries that were supposed to act on behalf of the military,if necessary. And the first failure of the league was to support a peace treaty. Lastly , japan left league of nations because the assembly adopted a report blaming Japan for the events in Manchuria. It took them a year to announce the issue because Britain and France were so far apart and it was revealed that Japan’s actions were unacceptable. Japan is now in a position to reach the conclusion that it and the other allies have different views on how to make peace in the Far East, and the Japanese government is now in a position to reach the limits of cooperation. Later on, Hideki Tojo became the leader after the military became more powerful than the government. In conclusion, Japan started to invaded Manchuria , the league of nations did not respond to stop Japan, and Japan left the league of nations. December ,8,1941 US declared the war on Japan. 11,1945, Soviet Union also declared the war on Japan , sent a more than 1 million Soviet Union soldiers into Manchuria. They dropped of the bomb on the Hiroshima, refused to surrender unless the Allied guarantees were made regarding Japan’s future. At that time , many people dead or suffering terribly on Hiroshima. The league proposed economic sanctions, but they did nothing because the United States was not member of the league. The last think is important is the league has not even stopped selling weapons because they afraid that it would make japan declare war.

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