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Leadership is defined as the action of guiding a group of people or an organization towards their common goal or direction. Many see leaders as The Alpha, the Top Dog, The Big Kahuna, and the greatest one of the group. However, that is not what makes the leader the best out of the others; it’s how they lead their team to success. The Chief of Staff of the Army quotes “We want leaders that are tough resilient, … We want them not only competent, but we want leaders of character.” (General Mark A. Milley)Leadership traits and skills are quite hard to come by. Not everyone has that kind of courage or confidence to step up to responsibility of guiding their team. Without someone to follow, without the lead example, everyone will be lost, unable to organize and stay strong.A leader needs their team as much as the team needs their leader. The team will be there to support each other along the way but the leader is still guiding them through difficult situations. To guide the team through obstacles, they must have traits of communication, motivation, commitment, and trust.CommunicationBeing able to work with one another is actually a very deriving task. Everyone has individual thoughts and opinions so they must find a common ground to build off of.  Creating meaningful bonds and relationships help get objectives done faster and more efficiently as they cooperate better in their line of work. Connections with others help better understand how they operate on their side so others know what they should do to match their impact of their work. Personnel Today’s article states “Find someone who will expose you to a wide variety of situations and share great insights”.Motivation and PurposeAnother important factor in efficient and healthy working style is to have a good motive and know one’s impact is powerful. “… no matter what your position is within your company… if you are without a “why” in your career, then you’re just treading water.” (Jen Anesi) This is usually when the leader steps in to get the group in a similar pace to reach and achieve their goal. A way to do so is for the leader to place hope and dedication into their mindsets. Responsibilities should be given to each team member to push them out of their comfort zones but don’t overwhelm them, as they may try to work faster but do their job poorly and ineffectively. CommitmentAs driving each team member to be pushed out of their comfort zone, they must keep moving on their own. “Certain foundational leadership traits have proven themselves over time, particularly for those who have accepted the unique responsibility to lead…” said from Robert S. Ferrell. The leader has done as much as possible to help their team to work efficiently, but now they must know their own exceptions to the leader and know what they need to do. It’s that moment in time they learn how to do their work independently without always being dependable on others. It’s not wrong to reach out for help but the individual must learn to do their job so someone else’s won’t be as hard.TrustOne of the most crucial aspects to a team is to have trust in each other. What General Milley says about this is, “Always treating people with dignity and respect- Earning and building the trust of your soldiers, civilians, peers, families, leaders, and the public.” With trust, everyone knows to respect and follow the leader’s step along the way to work more efficiently. Building trust is a hard task to do as everyone must understand the choices made from any team member as they may also need help.In the end everyone must be able to depend on each other. Meeting the end’s goal is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what is really needed in a team. Build positive relationships, work on the weaknesses, and focus on the task at hand. In the end, they just have to have faith in each other. Leadership is taking action, not a position.

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