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Leaders are those who influence
others toward achieving of certain goal.
After studying the Biography of many of
historical leaders it can be said that some leadership qualities are inherited
but good leaders are always created, they are not born. The following is
about Vladimir putin who is currently the president of Russia. He is among
those leaders who are loved by his citizens for his patriotic actions, his bold
decision making skills and way of influencing other people to maintain peace.

Vladimir Vladimirovich
Putin was born on 7 Oct 1952. He is a Russian politician who
is serving as the president of the Russian federation since 7 May
2012, he also previously hold the position of president from 2000 until 2008.
During his second term as prime minister, he was elected as the chairman
of the ruling United Russia party (URP). Putin is a former KGB foreign
intelligence officer. He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel before
retiring in 1991. He then turned to politics in Saint Petersburg and he moved
to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Yeltsin’s administration. From there he
rose quickly through the ranks and became the acting president of Russia on
31 Dec 1999.

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Putin is known for his nationalism and patriotism
traits. In a profile of Putin that said he once refused to
read a book by a Soviet traitor. The reason was because he didn’t read books by
people who had betrayed their Motherland.  In 2014, he was nominated for the
Nobel Peace Prize by a Russian advocacy group that promotes peace. Putin earned
the nomination for his part in finding a solution through non-military means to
punish the Syrian government for its use of chemical weapons. 

Putin further stated the US claim of Bashar
al-Assad using the chemical weapons on civilians and they might
be misplaced, with the more likely explanation that the unauthorized use of the
weapons was by Syrian rebels. He closed the piece by welcoming the continuation
of an open dialogue between the involved nations to avoid further conflict in
the regions.

Promising both political and economic reforms, Putin said that he
will rebuild the government and launch an investigation into the business
dealings of high-profile Russian citizens. He also continued Russia’s military
campaign in Chechnya. In Sep 2001, in response to the terrorist attacks on the
US, Putin announced Russia’s support for the US in its anti-terror campaign
against the terrorist groups.

In Oct 2017, Putin was personally involved in alarming
from an aerial warfare when he oversaw a late-night military drill that
resulted in the launch of four missiles across the country. The drill came
during a period of tensions in the region, with Russian neighbour North Korea
also drawing attention for its missile tests and threats to attack the US.

In Dec 2017, Putin announced he was ordering
Russian forces to begin withdrawing from Syria, saying the country’s two-year
campaign to destroy ISIS was complete, though he left open the possibility of
returning if terrorist violence resumed in the area.


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