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Leaders are aware of the importance of
their worker’s training sessions and trend of increasing in it, organizations have
structure and process in workplace to
provide opportunities for their employees. Managers are responsible for updating
and renewing employee’s knowledge and skills throughout the job. Personal
development planning (PDP) is an ongoing process which nurtures, shape and improves knowledge and skills to enhance
effectiveness in the form of firm’s success.  

 For toddler’s business, as a manager I
would make a plan as follows: 

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It also wants to expand its product
range to young kids up to 11 years of age
but will continue to provide baby clothing. To this end, it may consider
rebranding its company name or to introduce a new
segment for younger kids so it will reflect that company will not be
just providing clothes for babies. The company is currently exploring a range
of names.  The company also sees opportunities in
overseas market such as China where it is currently gaining customers but the
market share in China could increase through dedicated marketing strategies in
this region.  

The company has strong values and
opportunities which it hopes will inspire and guide its employees. These
include: a) customer service (to provide the highest care and support to its
customers no matter what the challenges company would face), b) innovation and
creativity (to look for new ways to fulfill customer’s need and to introduce
new and unique products to the market to be in competition); c) integrity and
honesty (the company expects its staff to be truthful in their dealings with
each other and with customers); d) commercial viability (to
ensure that the company remains successful, and meets its revenue and growth

Given that Toddlers R Us sells babies
clothes it aims to create a culture and environment that is friendly,
adaptable, fun, open, and flexible for both its staff and customers. 


1. Establish
your purpose or direction: 

After making a good name in toddler’s market, we will expand our business to young
kids aged up to 11, and make clothes for them. This market will new and
challenging for us but we have a purpose
to increase our business to grab new market segment with quality. 

development needs: 

For the new market segment first, we need to understand the needs and
attraction of a young growing kid and their preferences towards clothes because
now not only parents but children’s also have good knowledge of buying
patterns.  Now kids prefer to choose clothes of
their own choice instead of parents, so we will study first and then launch the desired product for the young kids. 

learning opportunities: 

After studying and counting the needs
and understands the gaps, we would go for opportunities and learn how toddlers
market is different from young kids, for this we will collect the data through
sample testing and ask from parents and
of course our targeted market ‘kids”. 

 4.?Formulate an
action plan: 

The plan for this segment is not an end
to young kids but also to make our product and brand name better known by
spreading it to China or any other country, the plan for young kids is to make beautiful and
colorful clothes with reasonable price which attracts parents to buy with

the development:  

As a manager, I would like to develop
the plan which would be easy to implement and execute with team working,
currently we are making toddlers clothing but after focusing on young kids and
think for expanding the business, we will focus on branding because it is the
one of important factor to be in people’s eye by giving information about the
products we offered. Firstly, using social media and then print media. 

6.?Record the

Leaders not only focus on making plans
but also giving focus to the results, as it’s not a new business for us but the
market is new and challenging, the opportunity is that the business is increasing, so I was a manager watch and review each aspect of the results of new
planning for future implementation as well. 

Part C

Effectiveness in an

The word effectiveness means the
usefulness and of course, it’s also needed in Organizations as well.  The
effectiveness is mandatory for the development
of an organization, the ways through which company can sustain their market and
it can be possible with the continued dedication of employees because a plan can be successful
if it’s implemented with hard work and contribution. While employee’s dedication comes from the organization’s values, the motivation for the employees, their culture and
most important fulfilling employee needs. Said by Awadh & Saad in 2013. 

HR role in aligning

HR role is also very important for
developing the values of an organization, now traditional HR is replaced by
Human Assets. HR should align strategies which are fully planned and organized
every single aspect should be checked before implementation so that organization human assets feels comfortable and demanded by the
company.  The strategy and human asset should be beside each other not against. And also, adaptable to new policies
which are for the benefit of
organizations development (Becker & Huselid 2001). 

Apart from these all-important
factors, one of the main element is our human resources who work with us to
compete with the rivals, for our people I will make flexible hours, which means
if some employees want to work at night
they have free hand to work, in that way we will achieve our goals and very
employee work with positivity and commitment. 

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