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Lastly, midwives have to share professional values with the patients, and these are set in the NMC’s code Standards of conduct, performance and ethics for nurses and midwives, that midwives have to treat people equal, respect and not discriminations any because of their gender, religion, race, colour and language etc. also they have to make sure that the needs of the mother and baby are in their primary concern and work with her and her family to give a safe responsivhe and showing empathic care in an appropriate environment facilitating physical and emotional care during the process of the childbirth (Nursing and Midwifery council, Midwives Rules and standards 2012, rule 5).  The midwives have to respect patient choices and support patients human right, for example, patients have the right to choose who is going to help them throughout they pregnancy and this will be based on their beliefs like preference about the gender male or female of health professionals and the birth environment. Therefore, if the patients are received help from male and this is against their religion. Under article 9 the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion which means that the midwives should respect the patient’s choice of place of birth and it must taking account of individual needs, risk and their circumstances.  Because of this the midwives will deliver a good quality healthcare.   A midwife has to make sure that the patients are received a good care include their right to receive a privacy and confidentiality of their care.  Under the article 8 protects woman’s right to respect their privacy when they are giving birth. For example, during giving birth, some patients do not like medical student to stay and observe their birth without their consent. So, midwives must be aware of this situation when they make the birth plan for the patients they need to include some notes about who they want to bring with them like their partner or family member.  They also need to get their consent in properly obtained.   Midwives have to be aware of the culture differences such as language, for example, if the patient is not English speaker, then the midwives have to provide appropriate translation because without this the patient is extremely vulnerable. So, having translation will help patient and midwives to understand each other and make sure the patient receives a good care and to make healthcare decisions.  The midwives should show a personal commitment to the standards of practice and behaviour. They should show integrity and leadership to the patients.  This will make the people that are receiving care, patients and other healthcare professional to put their trust and confidence in the profession. They need to work with honest and integrity at all time. This is re-iterated by the Prime Minister’s Commission which states that ‘midwives must declare their commitment to society and service users in a pledge to tackle unacceptable variations in standards and deliver high quality care’. 

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