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Last summer, Iworked as a process engineer at the Saudi Arabia Fertilizer Company (SAFCO). Myjob was to collaborate with other engineers to enhance the operation of Ammoniaand Urea plants. This experience gave me the opportunity to attend veryimportant meetings and events daily. By cooperating with experienced engineers,I gained new connections and, most importantly, I learned how to interact in aprofessional environment with confident.

This internship has introduced me togreat resources and gave me the chance to meet a lot of professionals in myfield of study. Although the internship was only for five weeks, I have gaineda lot of knowledge which will further my future success. Thus, it would be agreat opportunity to do another internship with SABIC this summer in the UnitedStates. The US-internshipwill provide me with totally new work experience. I will be able to see thedifference between working in Saudi and working in the US. In addition, thisinternship will guide me to become a master of time management. At the end ofthis internship, I will know that every minute counts since I will be workingin a fast-paced professional environment.

Time management is a very essentialskill to have in every circumstance whether you are making phone calls, writinga report or even making a decision. Moreover, this internship will teach memore about the career path I am pursuing. It will allow me to test differentcareer options. I have applied to a business internship which is not related tomy major. However, I am doing a minor in Business Administration.

 Still, internships are a lot of fun. I believethat internship do not have to be related to your major. There are a lot ofgreat skill that can be gained as I mentioned earlier in my essay. At the end,any work experience is a good experience. 

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